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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Sex Male
Species Unknown
Status Skin

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Woah! Bubble me, Ray! That you!? You know... you don't actually pass for Globox, right?

Raybox is one of the 16 playable characters in Rayman Origins and one of the two skins based on Rayman's animated model. He's also playable in Rayman Legends. In the backstory of this alternative skin, Rayman decides to play a prank on Globox, and paints his body like him with the help of a spell performed by a Voodoo Mamma. Later, Rayman discovers that there's no known spell that could bring him back to normal. He has blue torso, shoes, face, and hair, with several dark-blue spots and a pale yellow "O" in his shirt as well as his globes, mouth and part of his shoes, matching Globox's colour palette. In Rayman Origins, The Bubble Dreamer at first confuses him with Globox, but then realizes that is Rayman and suggests him to go see Voodoo Mama to find a cure to his disease. He is the first unlockable character in Rayman Origins, only requiring 5 electoon cages to be unlocked, and is the fifth unlockable character in Rayman Legends after GlobTeen.

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