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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman, R2, RR, M, R3, RRR, RRR2
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Sex Male
Species Raymanian
Status Hero

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This is what this whole site is about. Our love-able hero Rayman.

Rayman is the hero of the Glade of Dreams. He is the creation of French game designer Michel Ancel, and has become a popular and recognizable video games character over the past decade.


Rayman is a typical Raymanian and as such he has no arms, legs or a neck - his hands, feet and head float around his body. He has a huge nose, similar to that of French comic character Asterix, and generally has strawberry blonde hair, shaped into two fronds that he uses as a propeller to slow himself falling and sometimes to speed through water. His eyes are always black or blue, and very dark and pure in colour compared to most human's eyes. He is normally seen dressed in a purple shirt that has a white ring on the chest, yellow and white trainers, white gloves, and a red neckerchief or hood.


Rayman2 manual= "No wise man or magician can say by what fate or whim of the gods Rayman came to appear at the Glade of Dreams.

Rayman was found Washed up by a sea called the sea of lums. On a particularly stormy night, they found Rayman sleeping peacefully under the shade of a palm tree. Frightened by this strange creature from the sea, they called on the people of the forest, the skies and the waters for help. And the sun had not yet reached the zenith when a host of beings, each one more bizarre than the rest, came tumbling over the violent sand dunes. They studied him for a long time. "What kind of creature Is this?" they asked each other. "Is he alive?" wondered one when Rayman stretched and yawned.

It didn't take Rayman long to convince the people of the Glade of Dreams of his good intentions. His energy and good humor, his fantastical powers and love for life and nature won over even the most distrustful of the beings. And when he triumphed over the evil Mr. Dark, the truth was undeniable - Rayman was the bravest of them all, the ideal hero, the man for whom friendship and laughter are more important than anything else, for whom the greatest victory is measured by the extent of celebrations that follow it."

(Note= I think it's been translated from another language, which is why it seems weird when you read it.)

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