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Rayman 1
Rayman PS1EUcov.jpg
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ludimedia

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Release date 1995
Genre 2D Platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms Atari Jaguar, Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn, MS-DOS, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance
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Rayman (sometimes known as Rayman 1) was Rayman's debut game, and was first released in 1995 on the Atari Jaguar, Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn, and on MS-DOS. A port for the Gameboy Color was released in 2000, followed by a port for the Gameboy Advance that was later released in 2001, in which it was renamed Rayman Advance.


Rayman is a 2D side-scrolling platform game, unlike its successors. The game is made up of six different worlds, half of which are natural (The Dream Forest, Blue Mountains and the Caves of Skops), while the other half is 'imaginary' (Band Land, Picture City and the Candy Château). Each of these worlds excluding Candy Château contains four or three levels, each with six cages with Electoons to find. The game's difficulty is progressive, meaning that it gets harder as the player continues.

The game displays consist of how many lives Rayman has, three units of energy (four in Rayman Advance) and five with a Super Power (six in Rayman Advance), and how many Tings he has collected. Rayman normally starts with four lives and three health units, and can collect up to 99 lives. When he takes damage, he loses one unit, and when he loses all of them, he loses a life, his temporary fist powers, and all of the Tings he had collected. Upon Game Over, he has up to nine continues depending on version, which are represented with alarm clocks.

List of Powers and power-ups

At the start of the game, Rayman is only able to pull a grimace, which is used to scare certain enemies. As he continues, he would receive permanent powers from Betilla the Fairy that gradually widen his abilities, as well as receive a few temporary ones.


  • Grimace: Rayman's only ability at the game's beginning, only useful for getting rid of tall Livingstones which are scared of this.
  • Telescopic Fist: The first power you gain from Betilla the Fairy, which allows Rayman to punch enemies to defeat them. This can be temporarily powered up by Speed Fists and Gold Fists.
  • Hanging: Allows Rayman to hang onto ledges.
  • Grappling: When acquired, Rayman can use his fist to grapple onto flying rings which are scattered around the place, allowing him to reach high places and cross wide gaps.
  • Helicopter: When acquired, Rayman can use his odd looking hair as a helicopter which only allows him to glide, and prolong his jumps.
  • Running: Rayman's last permanent power, which allows him to move faster than walking. It also makes his jumps a lot longer and faster.


  • Magic Seed: Given to Rayman after helping Tarayzan, Rayman plants seeds to help him reach ledges and escape floods.
  • Super Helicopter: A potion that allows Rayman to actually fly with his helicopter hair.
  • Shrinking: Touching blue elves makes Rayman tiny, which is useful for accessing areas which were too small for normal-sized Rayman to go through. He returns to normal size when he touches another blue elf.


  • Ting: Small blue bubbles, used either to pay the Magician to enter a bonus stage, or to gain an extra life when 100 are collected.
  • Power: Comes in either a small red atom with a P on the front, or a large red one - the former gives Rayman one unit of health, while the latter replenishes his entire health.
  • Speed Fist: Allows Rayman's fist to fly faster than normal. Three different speeds are available.
  • Gold Fist: Allows Rayman's fist to be twice as strong.
  • Rayman Statue: Gives Rayman an extra life, as well as restoring his entire health.


Rayman's world depends on the Great Protoon, in order for people and nature to live in peace and harmony. One day, the game's villain, Mr Dark, defeats Betilla as she tried to defend the Great Protoon which he steals, causing the Electoons to scatter. They are then captured by hostile creatures that appear after the incident, and are trapped in cages which Rayman has to break open in order to get closer to Mr Dark's hideout in the Candy Château. At a later point in the game, Mr Dark kidnaps Betilla.


Along the way, Rayman meets an array of different characters, some of which aid him through his journey.


  • The Magician: He introduces the game's story. He can also be found at several points of the game, in which he would give you access to bonus stages that promise extra lives, provided you give him ten Tings.
  • Betilla the Fairy: human-like, floating female fairy. Very important in the game - she gives Rayman new powers during the adventure.
  • Tarayzan: Basically a limbless Tarzan, he hides behind a bush until you knock down his loincloth, and gives you the Magic Seed as a reward.
  • The Photographer: This person acts like a checkpoint, should you die, you'll start at the point in which he took your photograph.
  • The Musician: Located high in the Blue Mountains, his guitar had been crushed by a rock which you must break to recover it. As a reward, he gives you the Super Helicopter Potion.
  • Joe the Extra-Terrestrial: An alien that owns his own snack bar on the beach in the Cave of Skops, his neon lights are unplugged, and Rayman has to go down into the dark caves to turn it back on.


There are only main enemies in game. The minor enemies will be listed at page of their levels

  • Bziiit: The first boss (or mid-boss) of the game,a large eyed mosquito, who lives in Anguish Lagoon in Dream Forest. After player win fight with it, it becames friendly an can be used as a vehicle.
  • Moskito: Another mosquito, very similar to Agnus, but with more health points, more attacks, and (in some versions) another colours. Lives in Moskito's Nest in Dream Forest.
  • Mr Sax: Boss of Band Land, he is a walking saxophone that attacks by blowing explosive wrong notes.
  • Mr Stone: Boss of the Blue Mountains, he is a man made of stone who constantly thumps on the ground and sends smaller stone creatures to attack Rayman.
  • Pirate Mama: Mid-boss of Picture City. A woman who carries a rolling pin what shoot knifes out.
  • Space Mama: A very large woman who's the boss of Picture City, similar to Pirate Mama, she also carries a rolling pin that she uses as a laser weapon.
  • Mr Skops: A scorpion, boss of the Caves of Skops. He attacks with his giant claws and tail which shoots a laser.
  • Dark Rayman: A copy of you Mr Dark has has made, which copies every move you make. He can only be defeated by finishing a stage while letting him follow you.
  • Mr Dark: The main antagonist of the game, who steals your fist powers and casts strange spells on you. When you finally approach him he would not really fight but rather trap you with walls of fire. At this point the Electoons return your Fist, but Mr Dark flees after, leaving you to actually fight hybrids of the previous bosses. He lives in Candy Chateau.


Dream Forest

Band Land

Blue Mountains

Picture City

The Caves of Skops

Candy Château

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