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File:RFR-13.png|Inside or on the terrasse?
File:RFR-13.png|Inside or on the terrasse?
File:RFR-13I.png|Unstable tool
File:RFR-13I.png|Unstable tool
File:RFR-14I.jpg|Salted or caramel popcorn?
File:RFR-15.jpg|Flying blades
File:RFR-15I.jpg|Beware of the laserbeam!
File:RFR-16.jpg|Mecha diner
File:RFR-16I.jpg|Catch of the day: "Rayman with vegetables"
File:RFR-17.jpg|Kitchen Mayhem
File:RFR-17I.jpg|It's getting hot in here
File:RFR-18.jpg|Run or Burn
File:RFR-18I.jpg|Boiling kitchen
File:RFR-19.jpg|Learning to fly
File:RFR-19I.jpg|Mum! Look at this, I'm flying!
File:RFR-20.jpg|Flying fish
File:RFR-20I.jpg|The 3 Elements
File:RFR-21.jpg|Air Boxing
File:RFR-22.jpg|Ice storm
File:RFR-22I.jpg|Iceberg storm
File:RFR-23.jpg|What an ice boy
File:RFR-23I.jpg|Where are the brakes?
File:RFR-24.jpg|Spiky ice
File:RFR-24I.jpg|A strange pool
File:RFR-25.jpg|Wintermint Breath
File:RFR-25I.jpg|Tasty rayman
File:RFR-26.jpg|The Animal inside
File:RFR-26I.jpg|Pepper meal
File:RFR-27.jpg|Acidy Reflux
File:RFR-27I.jpg|Dragon Heart
File:RFR-28.jpg|Russian Hills
File:RFR-28I.jpg|Cool loop
File:RFR-29.jpg|Out of my way
File:RFR-29I.jpg|Pinball cook
File:RFR-30I.jpg|I'm feeling sick...
File:RFR-31.jpg|Mini Rayman Maximum Taste
File:RFR-31I.jpg|Giant Cook
File:RFR-32I.jpg|Hot Burp
File:RFR-33.jpg|Hick up and down
File:RFR-33I.jpg|Bubble Explosion
File:RFR-34.jpg|Reaching for the stars
File:RFR-34I.jpg|When Daddy Cooks!
File:RFR-35.jpg|Next generation toaster
File:RFR-35I.jpg|Giant Oven
File:RFR-36.jpg|Stomach bug
File:RFR-36I.jpg|Gastric Fluids
File:RFR-37.jpg|Privé de dessert
File:RFR-38.jpg|Saut de l'ange
File:RFR-39.jpg|Gaffe aux serpents
File:RFR-40.jpg|Un petit remontant
File:RFR_BossMecca.png|Mecha Carnivora
File:RFR_BossMecca.png|Mecha Carnivora

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Rayman Fiesta Run
Rayman FR.jpeg
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Ubisoft Casablanca

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Produced by {{{produced by}}}
Designed by {{{designed by}}}
Programmed by {{{programmed by}}}
Art by {{{art by}}}
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Soundtrack by {{{soundtrack by}}}

Release date 7th November, 2013 (Android and iOS)

5th February, 2014 (Windows Phone)

Genre 2D platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms iOS, Android and Windows 8/RT
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Rayman Fiesta Run is an 2D platform game for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. It is the second game in the Rayman Run series and a sequel to Rayman Jungle Run.


Fiesta Run is set in the Origins universe, like its predecessor, Jungle Run. However, while the latter game focused on jungle/ruins type levels, Fiesta Run uses more diverse level tropes, like the frozen seas of Gourmand Land and the fiery kitchens in the same game. In addition, the levels contain more gimmicks lifted from the console games compared to Jungle Run, now allowing Rayman to swim, shrink for certain levels, and dive/slide. In addition, levels that allow Rayman to bounce between the foreground and background and boss battles were added. Finally, the Invaded level system from Legends makes an appearance for all levels of the game, except for the Land of the Livid Dead. As a result of this diversity, the game features a world map showing the different locations, unlike Jungle Run which used a level select. The game's world map features many small islands that contain 1-4 normal levels each, with 2-8 including Invaded levels.

Rayman himself automatically runs in a predefined direction, like Jungle Run. The game is built around impulse reactions and timing, allowing the player to control attacking and jumping. The goal is to free 4 Teensies in each level by collecting Lums, of which there are 100 per level (only 81 need to be collected to free all of the Teensies, but all 100 are needed to unlock the level's Invaded counterpart). Freed Teensies allow Rayman to progress along the world map. Along the world map, the player will be rewarded with Lums, playable characters available for purchase, and wallpapers available for purchase. Collecting every single Teensie is necessary to reach the final Livid Dead level.

In Jungle Run, Lums served no purpose except as collectibles to help reach the Land of the Livid Dead. In Fiesta Run, they allow the player to purchase utilities within levels, like HP hearts and Gold Fists, or extras, such as characters and artwork. If the game detects a copy of Jungle Run data on iCloud, it will match the number of Lums collected in that game and allow the player to spend them in Fiesta Run.


Unlike Rayman Jungle Run, where levels were divided into sections, each level has its own spot on a larger world map. Each normal level will have an Invaded counterpart, where levels will be populated with enemies, and are much more difficult. However, unlike the Invasion levels featuring in Rayman Legends, which were time trial iterations of their normal levels, the objective of Invaded levels in Fiesta Run remains the same as their normal counterpart, where they player must make their way through and collect as many Lums as possible. This gives a total of 72 levels in which the objective is to collect lums. There are 4 more levels which feature in the Land of the Livid Dead, and much like their counterparts from Jungle Run, these require the player to merely make it through the level and compete for the fastest time.

Normal levels

  • Splash and Bounce
  • Cold Burn
  • Beware of the blue mushrooms...
  • Cheese party
  • Mini Rayman Calorie free
  • Hot hot chocolate
  • Don't forget your umbrellas
  • Cake Park
  • Slippery Slopes
  • Dragon-hop
  • Giant Toboggan
  • Breathless slide
  • Chocolate Chunks
  • Chocolate city
  • Black or White
  • Chocolate island
  • Flying Fish Tails
  • Spike me if you can
  • Kitchen Nightmare
  • Hot dip
  • Giant BBQ
  • BBQ Party
  • Inferno Chef Cook
  • Dragon Soup
  • Inside or on the terrasse?
  • Unstable tool
  • Pop-Form
  • Salted or caramel popcorn?
  • Flying blades
  • Beware of the laserbeam!
  • Mecha diner
  • Catch of the day: "Rayman with vegetables"
  • Kitchen Mayhem
  • It's getting hot in here
  • Run or Burn
  • Boiling kitchen
  • Learning to fly
  • Mum! Look at this, I'm flying!
  • Flying fish
  • The 3 Elements
  • Air Boxing
  • Fisty-cuffs!
  • Ice storm
  • Iceberg storm
  • What an ice boy
  • Where are the brakes?
  • Spiky ice
  • A strange pool
  • Wintermint Breath
  • Tasty rayman
  • The Animal inside
  • Pepper meal
  • Acidy Reflux
  • Dragon Heart
  • Russian Hills
  • Cool loop
  • Out of my way
  • Pinball cook
  • A-maze-ing
  • I'm feeling sick...
  • Mini Rayman Maximum Taste
  • Giant Cook
  • Heartburn
  • Hot Burp
  • Hick up and down
  • Bubble Explosion
  • Reaching for the stars
  • When Daddy Cooks!
  • Next generation toaster
  • Giant Oven
  • Stomach bug
  • Gastric Fluids

Land of the Livid Dead levels

  • Back to the Roots
  • Leap of Faith
  • Watch the snakes
  • Breath of Death



  • While the playable characters, Lums, and enemies use their updated sprites from Rayman Legends, the game runs on the same version of the UbiArt framework that powers Rayman Origins and Jungle Run. This is evident in the lack of dynamic lighting in Fiesta Run, as well as unused files that suggest so.

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