Rayman M (early production)

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Rayman M, later released as Rayman Arena, was originally two separate projects later merged into one. The first one, which ended up being the racing part, was named Rayman Tribe and the second one, the battle part, was named Rayman Shooting Fish. Originally the racing levels were meant to be more closely based off of the levels from Rayman 2. [1]

Early level concepts

Based on early concept art of the race levels they were originally going to be more closely based off of the levels from Rayman 2. Images found in the files show concepts for levels such as the Woods of Light and the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. In the final game some of these concepts were used, but heavily altered.

Unused textures

Several unused textures can be found in the files. A majority of them are leftovers from Rayman 2, some in higher quality.

Unused skins

Three unused skins were found in the files, two of which appear in the GameCube version.

Unused icons

The following icons resemble the masks from Rayman 2 and appear to have originally been used for fake bonus items in the battle mode.

These icons are early placeholders for the items in battle mode. Oddly one of them resemble Foutch.

The following textures were most likely placeholders.

Globox kids

Textures for several of the Globox kids can be found, resembling those from Globox Disc.


Several artworks for Rayman Tribe where found in the files.

Demo leftovers


Raypong was an unused Pong inspired minigame with leftovers found in the files.