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[[Category:Items from Rayman 2]]
[[Category:Items from Rayman 2]]
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[[Category:Items from Rayman 3]]
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Red Lums are items from Rayman 2: The Great Escape, its remakes, and Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. Along with Yellow Lums, Red Lums are one of the two major Lums featured in the games.


Red Lums resemble red, glowing orbs. In Rayman 2 they are similar to red versions of Yellow Lums, but look different in Rayman 3.

Red Lums are the embodiment of vitality, and the origin of all life in the Glade of Dreams.

Red Lums are unique in that if spooked, a Red Lum will undergo a transformation into a Black Lum--which is a major part of Rayman 3's plot.

Role in the Games

Red Lums recover Rayman's health. In Rayman 2, if Rayman is injured, nearby Red Lums automatically approach him. Robo-Pirates love Red Lums and collect every Red Lum they can find. It seems that the Robo-Pirates actually eat them; when Rayman destroys a Robo-Pirate, Red Lums are often found inside them. Similarly, the defeat of a Hoodlum in Rayman 3 releases a Black Lums. If Rayman uses Grimace on a Black Lum, it will revert back into a Red Lum.

In the PS1 version of Rayman 2, Admiral Razorbeard eats a Red Lum instead of a Yellow one.

Notable Red Lums

  • Andre (before turning into a Black Lum)

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