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A Globox Fakir's beard can be used to swing over obstacles.

Red Wizards are the ancient amphibian-like members of Globox's species. Their name was officially given in Rayman Origins. Excluding Globox, Baby Globoxes andAntiglobox, most of the male red wizards are devoted people with faquir tendences who follow certain rituals trying to find the peace, just like the Monks. According to Rayman 2, red wizards like Globox can have over 600 children. After the Teensies, the red wizards are the most regular species in the franchise if counting Globox’s family.


Red Wizards are toad-like creatures with webbed feet, a prominent belly, a big mouth and small eyes. Despite their names, red wizards aren’t red at all. The male fakir species are slightly orange, while the female species like Uglette and Voodoo Mamma are pink. The only known red wizard with real red skin was Globox, until he had an accident with blueberries and a mosquito and his skin turned blue. Then, the Baby Globoxes were born blue, except the females, who kept the pink color of their mother. Young red wizards like Globox have no legs, but apparently they grow when they become older, like the old beardy fakirs, who have long, thin legs.

Role in the games

'Rayman 2: The Great Escape'

The only red wizards that can be seen in Rayman 2 where Globox, Uglette and the Baby Globoxes. In this game, Globox is constantly kidnapped by Razorbeard and it’s Rayman’s work to save him and make the Baby Globoxes stop crying. Still not refered as a wizard, Globox has the useful magic ability to create a cloud of rain when he performs his rain dance. In the Knowledge of the World, it's stated that Polokus created Globox and his family using his sense of humour. Is unclear if by "family" it means the whole red wizard species or literally just Uglette and the Babies.

'Rayman Origins'

In this game, fakir red wizards make their first appeareance and have a mayor role in the game. Their duty is to assist their master, the Bubble Dreamer, to turn into a real mature god by forcing him to follow the useless ritual of sacrifying peas to stop the nightmares that invade the Glade of Dreams. Mof them stay at the Mystic Peak, practicing acupuncture, levitating and lying in spiky matresses while others have their huts in the Sea of Serendipity. Ingame, Rayman and friends can use the long beards of the levitating red wizards to swing around, and jump over red wizards with plain hats sitting on spiky matresses to avoid being hurt by them. Some Young fakir red wizards can be seen being trapped by Darktoons and Rayman can optionally save them. Is unknown if fakir red wizards are friends or foes of Rayman and his crew, since they distracts their master, and they’re seen running away from them in one trailer.

Notable Red Wizards