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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman: The Animated Series, Rayman Sticker Book
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Sex Male
Species Unknown
Status Ringmaster

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Rigatoni is the main antagonist of Rayman: The Animated Series, and is a character that only appears in this. He is the ringmaster of an intergalactic circus that he takes to various cities, countries and planets, and along the way he orders his lackey, Admiral Razorbeard, to capture strange creatures as slaves for his circus. His most beloved circus freak is Lac-Mac, who is the star of his show.

He is an egotistical and greedy character, perhaps more so than Razorbeard, who treats his slaves very badly, and for fears that they will escape or get stolen, his circus has a large CCTV system which he uses to keep an eye on them. When Rayman sets himself and his friends free, Rigatoni instantly brands them all as criminals, and gets in contact with Inspector Grub to track them down in Aeropolis. He does not appear in any more episodes after the first episode, Lac-Mac Napping. He is voiced by Danny Mann.


  • Despite the fact that Rigatoni is a non-game character, he appears on a page in the collector's sticker book which came free with every copy of Rayman for the Game Boy Color. There is also a typo in this that spells his name as "Regatoni".
  • His name is derived from a type of pasta, which suits the Italian Ringmaster stereotype, though he has more of a Brooklyn accent.
  • Rigatoni bears a resemblance to a Hunter from Rayman.