Rise and Shrine

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Rise and Shrine
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Shadow Plain Sunset Coast
League The Beginner League
League Cup 1 (Beginner), Cup 5 (Pro)

Rise & Shrine is the second of three Beginner League battle arenas in Rayman M and the second round of Cup 1 League in Rayman Arena. It features a basic set-up to allow new players to become accustomed to the game. Its name is a pun of the common phrase rise and shine.


Rise & Shrine is an open-air daylight map with a clean, sunny sky, located somewhere in the the Glade of Dreams. As its name suggests, it seems to be some sort of temple or shrine. In the background, the mountains and forest that were previously seen in Rayman 2 are visible, suggesting that this area may be located in the Great Forest, where the Buccaneer was seen in Rayman 2’s prologue. Rise & Shrine's floor plan is essentially circular, with a rectangular gap that leads to a smaller circular area. It is surrounded by stone pillars, vines, very tall trees, and rocky and grassy walls. The floor of the main area is carved with symbols and has got a nearly cilindrical central platform with giratory walls which contain mythological symbols in white (Rayman M) or flashing lights (Rayman Arena), with a small and steady circular surface and a great circular base. Out of the base, the land is rocky and grassy. In the surroundings there are four coloured stone pillars with the same white symbols from the giratory central pillar. The colours and the symbols seem to represent Plato's elements although there isn't an official confirmation of the meaning of the symbols. At norwest of the first player's starting point, there is an opening for a chamber that leads to a small circular room with four trapezoid windows and an hexagonal window in the roof. Inside this room there is a Gold Generator in the Lum Fight mode and another six standard Generators: one above each stone pillar and other two in two concavities findable in the trees, one at the north area and other in the west area. The Light Fly is found inside the room from the northwest chamber in the Capture the Fly mode.



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