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The Dinosaur is an invincible enemy from Rayman 2: The Great Escape and its remakes, Rayman 2: Revolution and Rayman DS. It goes un-named in all versions but the PS version.


The Dinosaur is a giant, remote-controlled robot with a head resembling that of a Teensie's, along with two raptor-like legs. It tends to hop a lot like a kangaroo and makes noises almost like a chicken.

The Dinosaur was used by Admiral Razorbeard's Lackey to patrol the Reformatory for Disturbing Children in the Iron Mountains. If anything escaped, it would persistently chase down the escapee.

Role in the Games

The Dinosaur doesn't appear until the grand finale of the Iron Mountains. It is dangerous for Rayman to approach, but otherwise helpful: its jumping makes a crate bounce just high enough for Rayman to enter the Reformatory. Similarly, a crate bounces inside the Reformatory; this allows Rayman to reach the Reformatory's roof.

However, once Rayman reaches the roof the Dinosaur's role is another story completely. After Rayman releases Globox's children from the Reformatory, the Dinosaur is quick to react. Rayman must speedily zip by the incoming Dinosaur on a Shell or risk being flattened. However, it is still useful for the player, because it can hurl big stones into the air or crush them, revealing Yellow Lums underneith.

The exception to the rule is the PS version of Rayman 2, in which Razorbeard's lackey has forgotten to put fuel in the Dinosaur's tank, rendering the Dinosaur useless. Also,in the 2D beta version of Rayman 2, Rayman could jump on a mechanical dinosaur and ride it, and he could also smash its head and turn it into a platform.