Shining Glade

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Shining Glade
Shining Glade
Wanderwood Forest Swamp of Bégoniax
Forgotten Forests

Lums 55 Cages 4

Shining Glade is the second level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3. Reminiscing the Fairy Glade in Rayman 2, it is the level in which Rayman fights the first pirates and gets to use kegs. It is found in the Forgotten Forests on the World Map.


Phase 1

There are two cages and 25 yellow Lums in this phase, all of which can be obtained for the first time the level is played. Rayman has to throw an over-sized keg into the water using the new power he got in Wanderwood Forest. Now, he can ride it and travel over the deadly water. This is also where he fights the first Robo-Pirate in the game.

Phase 2

A keg in the second phase.

There are two cages and 30 yellow Lums in this phase which Rayman can obtain during the first time the level is played. Rayman meets Murfy another time who explains him how to use the barrels of powder. Later in the level he has to use them in order to open a cage as only they allow him to reach it.

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