Shock Rocket

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The Shock Rocket is a temporary power used on several occasions by Rayman in Rayman 3. It is provided by the orange cans of Laser-Washing Powder and allows Rayman to shoot a guided missile which can be used to defeat enemies and trigger mechanisms. It lasts 6 seconds. To shoot it, Rayman first aims to the place where he wants to shoot it, and then shoots it. The player has total control of the missile until the effect of the can is over, the missile reaches his lenght limit, or just explodes against something. Using the missile in battle is effective and avoids direct combat, but requires being hidden on a place where Hoodlums can't find or shoot Rayman, because launching the missile and taking control of it makes Rayman completely vulnerable to every kind of attack.

When Rayman adquires this power, his hair, globes, hood and base of shoes turn blue, while his body and shoes turn orange. His right hand has a launcher-glove with a big orange and blue missile attached to it.

A Glitch including the shock rocket is created when you enter photo mode and fire the rocket. This glitch allows you to have infinite distance in firing and also pass through walls. [1]

In a French and German ad for Rayman 3, Rayman can be seen using the Shock Rocket without changing his clothes.