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{{quote|text=They say, on the night the Shubamubans were created, the whole world smiled at the sound of the Bubble Dreamer's belly-shaking Laughter... the [[Lums]] shone more brightly and danced more merrily as the [[Heart of the World]] pulsed out the primordial rhythms of the Cosmos.|sign=Unknown narrator|source=''[[Rayman merchandising|The Art of Rayman Origins]]''}}
The '''Shubamubans''' are mysterious creatures or elements mentioned at the very end of the artbook ''[[Rayman merchandising|The Art of Rayman Origins]]''. Although nothing is known about the Shubamubans and there's no direct reference to them in ''[[Rayman Origins]]'', they apparently formed part of one of the happiest moments in the [[Glade of Dreams]]. After the creation of the Shubamubans, the [[Bubble Dreamer]] laughed so hard that all of the magic people in the world smiled with him. The same night, the [[Heart of the World]] (which is literally described as a heart) pulsed rhythmically, as the [[Lums]] turned brighter and started dancing along with the rhythm, much as how they do when a [[Lum King]] is awakened in-game. A picture of two egg-shaped rock statues sculpted respectively like [[Rayman]] and[[ Globox]] can be seen in the same page where the phrase is written, suggesting that possibly these are the Shubamubans, or at least have a close connection with them; these gigantic statues can be seen in-game, scattered across the [[Jibberish Jungle]] as background elements, and more commonly in the earliest trailers of the game. However, the word Shubamuban means 'Shaman' in [[Raymanian|Ubbi Dubbi]], the Bubble Dreamer's native language, suggesting that possibly the Shubamubans are a race of shamans never seen before.

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