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They say, on the night the Shubamubans were created, the whole world smiled at the sound of the Bubble Dreamer's belly-shaking Laughter... the Lums shone more brightly and danced more merrily as the Heart of the World pulsed out the primordial rhythms of the Cosmos.
—Unknown narrator, The Art of Rayman Origins

The Shubamubans are mysterious creatures or elements mentioned at the very end of the artbook The Art of Rayman Origins. Although nothing is known about the Shubamubans and there's no direct reference to them in Rayman Origins, they apparently formed part of one of the happiest moments in the Glade of Dreams. After the creation of the Shubamubans, the Bubble Dreamer laughed so hard that all of the magic people in the world smiled with him. The same night, the Heart of the World (which is literally described as a heart) pulsed rhythmically, as the Lums turned brighter and started dancing along with the rhythm, much as how they do when a Lum King is awakened in-game. A picture of two egg-shaped rock statues sculpted respectively like Rayman and Globox can be seen in the same page where the phrase is written, suggesting that possibly these are the Shubamubans, or at least have a close connection with them; these gigantic statues can be seen in-game, scattered across the Jibberish Jungle as background elements, and more commonly in the earliest trailers of the game. However, the word Shubamuban means 'Shaman' in Ubbi Dubbi, the Bubble Dreamer's native language, suggesting that possibly the Shubamubans are a race of shamans never seen before.

In the files of Rayman Origins, a piece of unused dialogue indicates that Globox is a Shubamuban.