Solution of the Fairy Council

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The maximum score in the Fairy Council is 48,490 points.

About this Walkthrough


Every level starts with an introductory-text, that will grant you the most important informations and characteristics of a level.

Up next is the "Overview"-section. There, you'll find hyperlinks towards the most important videos and a table with the recommended and maximum scores after every individual part.

Every level is separated into parts, and every part into individual combos. The order of how the combos are played is according to the numeration.

Due to the amount of different combo versions and the length of certain parts, the walkthrough will give you "Checkpoints". Those allow you to compare, whether your score is still sufficient to reach the maximum score in this level. This is helpful in case you made a small mistake or did not go for the recommended version everytime. For example, if the walkthrough states "Checkpoint: 54.300 points", it means that if you're score is below this figure, you are very unlikely to be able to still reach the maximum score.

Combo Versions

Most levels have a maximum-score that is beyond 100.000 points, and due to how this limit works, it's not always necessary to play every part perfectly and get every single point that is possible. This is the main reason why combos even can have different versions that are all playable, even though they might yield different scores as a result. Versions are numerated separately in a "1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc." format, while the recommended version of a combo is always mentioned in first place. There is certain parts where the chose of a certain version requires you to play another specific version in a later stage of this part. Those combos are tagged with letters. For instance, if you decide to play combo "3.2 A", you will have to play every upcoming combo that is tagged with an "A" also. Similarly, combo "5.2 A" is only usable if you have played version "3.2 A" in the first place. Versions can vary in difficulty, also there is certain techniques (such as the Lums-Glitch), which are only available to certain platforms, and wherever this happens, there has to be an alternative for people who cannot use that. To be able to always choose the correct version, they are distinguished by colors.

Green: this version is recommended for all platforms and all players. The scores in brackets at the end of every combo are calculated based on the green versions.

Red: this version is (much) harder than the recommended version, but also yields significantly more points. It's recommended if you want to play an easier version at a different point of the level, or if you have to make up for mistakes.

Blue: this version is limited to certain platforms. The fact, that a combo like this is mentioned in the walkthrough, means that is superior to the recommended version in terms of points or difficulty. If that wasn't the case, that combo would not find place in this walkthrough, as it tries to minimize the differences between each platform.

Violet: this is a historical version of a combo. At some point, this was considered to be the best version to play a certain combo, but it has been signifcantly changed or improved by now. These are added into the walkthrough, when they have been relevant over a long period of time, to show off how the different parts have developed in the past years. All of the historical combos are still playable, but they are mentioned last since they are usually inferior to the more recent versions.

Normal Walkthrough


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Glitchless Walkthrough (52.660 points)

written by Maz


And this is where it all begins - the very first level of the game. Ironically, this is one of, if not THE hardest level in the game when trying to play perfectly. This is due to the fact that many of this levels' combos require you to take matuvus immediately after collecting gems. The timeframe on that is quite narrow, which subsequently means that a lot of said combos are incredibly hard to pull off. On top of that, Fairy Council is one of the levels without a definite maximum (i.e. you can't pass 100.000 points) meaning that you have to go for all of them when opting for a good score. However, it is also one of the less important levels for your total score, seeing how you can't make as big an improvement as in other levels. All top players agree that you should not touch this level unless you're well into the 800.000 points range. Once you do, the following guide will tell you how to play this level.

Side note: since the 100.000-points-limit is not in play in this level, it's impossible to properly distinct between green and red versions in this level, as the hardest version of a combo is always also the recommended version.

Part 1

You can't gain any points in this part. Just move on to part 2. (0)

Part 2

You start off in a room with dwarves and yellow gems. Skip this room for now, as you can return after you obtained your hands from Globox. You will soon face 3 yellow gems on some mushrooms leading to the next area. Carefully maneuver around these; you will collect them later on. After reaching the next area, you will once again have to skip everything in this room and head for the top. There you will find a hollow tree trunk with 3 gems in it. Pass the first 2 and position yourself close to the third one. This is where the first major combo begins.

1.1 Take the yellow gem next to you and follow up with the one in front. Pass the other gem and jump on the mushrooms to collect the 3 yellow gems on there. Take the remaining gem from as far away as possible and run towards the tampoline on the left. Roll onto it to take the yellow gem there and quickly jump to the left. Continue with the 3 gems on the ledge, then drop down to take 3 more of these on the mushrooms. Move on to the wooden bridge afterwards. Take the first yellow gem and make sure to helicopter past the second one. Afterwards, do a pivot to try and take it from as far a distance as possible. Quickly head for the gem on the trunk and roll towards it once you get close enough (otherwise you won't make it on time). After you take the second yellow gem as well, fall down to the bottom floor. Take 3 more yellow gems before you jump on the mushrooms to the left in order to collect the red gems. Roll off and continue with the 2 remaining yellow gems on your way up. Get the first gem on the wooden bridge, then collect the red gem on the left side before you go back to the bridge to take another yellow one. Make sure that Rayman faces to the left, then strafe into the final gem. As soon as you touch it, use the camera trick and look straight up to get the matuvu in combo. (3.210 points)

2. Collect the 2 remaining gems on the trampolines. (3.240 points)

Head for the next area, but make sure to kick the 2 turtles on the top floor along the way, as you'll need them in the next room to go back to the first one. After Globox returned your hands, stack these turtles on top of each other and use their backs to jump back into the previous area. Go straight for the very first room (make sure to skip the 3 yellow gems on the mushrooms one more time) and position yourself next to the waggon with 2 yellow gems and a dwarf on it. It's now time for the second major combo in this part.

3.1 Jump on the waggon so that you'll take the yellow gem in the back. Break the dwarf and collect the gem from within by strafing forward. Once you're next to the other gem roll forward, collecting it in the process. Quickly break the left one of the 3 dwarves in front of you, then use the dwarf inside the little cave to keep the combo going. After you took all the yellow gems in there, jump out and break the dwarf next to the mushrooms. Get the gem and head for the other 2 dwarves. Break them and collect the gems. Now break the dwarf sitting in the small waggon from afar, then head straight for the 2 remaining dwarves to the right (do not collect the gem). Make sure to pass the one in front, then shoot the one in the back. Go through the exit to head for the 3 yellow gems that you skipped before. Make sure to stay on the right side to collect the gem from within the dwarf (the hitbox will allow you to do so through the wall) and turn around midway to break the final dwarf with a curved shot. Finally, collect the gems on the mushrooms. (4.290 points)