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Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge

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* There is a continuity era present in the first level of the game. Whilst Murphy is instructing Rayman, he explains the helicopter ability, causing Rayman to remind Murphy that "I've been able to glide like that my whole life". In fact, Rayman does not possess that ability at the begining of any version of the original game, and gains it after the first couple of levels. It is worth noting of course that the cannonicity of the original game is shakey, as well as clips of [[Rayman Origins]] (a prequel) showing Rayman using his helicopter. It is possible that this will be retconned after Origins is released.
* Although not a GBA Version of Rayman 3 (rather a direct sequel), it does mark many Rayman 3 character's first and only appearance on handheld, due to many being absent from the actual GBA version of Rayman 3. These characters include [[Reflux]], [[Romeo]] (referred to as Doc), and [[Begonix]] (there was a level in the GBA Rayman 3 called [[Swamps of Begonix]] but the character never appeared in the flesh). It is possibly Andre's first appearance in handheld, although the black lum swallowed by Globox in Rayman 3 could be him, simply unnamed with a smaller role. It could also be noted that Andre does not strictly appear in this game, as he merely possesses Globox.