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Red Lum

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Red Lums resemble red, glowing orbs. In ''Rayman 2'' they are similar to red versions of Yellow Lums, but look different in ''Rayman 3''.
Red Lums are the manifestation embodiment of vitality, and the origin of all life in [[The Glade of Dreams]]' energy, and so without out them life could not exist. Though contradicting ''Rayman 2'', |the [[Heart Glade of the WorldDreams]] in ''Rayman 3'' is confirmed to be made of Red Lums.
Red Lums are unique in that if spooked, a Red Lum will undergo a transformation into a [[Black Lum]]--also which is a major part of [[Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc|Rayman 3]]'s plot.
==Role in the Games==


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