Super Yellow Lum

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File:Super yellow lum.jpg
A Super yellow lum from the game menu.

Super Yellow Lums are a special type of Lum which is formed by the reunion of five normal Yellow Lums.

In Rayman 2

These are found in all versions of Rayman 2. However, they do not appear in Rayman Revolution. It resembles a larger Yellow Lum, with a grinning face. When Rayman collects one, it counts as five normal Yellow Lums, suggesting that Super Yellow Lums are formed of five Yellow Lums joined together, in the same fashion that the Heart of the World is formed of 1000 Yellow Lums. In Rayman Revolution, each of the 1000 Yellow Lums must be found separately; there are no Super Yellow Lums.

In the Game Boy Color version of Rayman 2

They can also be found in the Game Boy Color version of Rayman 2. The Super Yellow Lums in this version appear slightly larger, lack grinning faces, and have a value of ten Yellow Lums, making them twice as valuable as the Super Yellow Lums in the other versions.

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