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  • Pierre-Olivier 'Poc' Clement=Poc
  • Renaud 'Freeman' Charpentier=Reno
  • Arnaud 'Maturin' Mametz=Arno
  • Arnaud 'Papa Coach' Guyon=Coach
  • Sebastien 'Iki' Dezautez=Iki
  • Laurent 'Lolo' Gerard=Lolo
  • Yannick 'Godfertominoramol' Gerber=Yanik
  • Greg 'Sex-Machine' Palvadeau=Greg
  • Jean-Philippe 'J2P' Petit=J2P
  • Sebastien 'Marsu' Clavaud=Marsu
  • Mickael 'Ze Monster' Veaudour=Mike
  • Steve McCalla=Steve

I take it these should go in the article? It appears that the names change with every playthrough. --iHeckler9Life.gif 07:46, 17 July 2011 (UTC)