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I have edited the Trivia section according to this text from the official Rayman 3 site published in 2003:

Unique descendant de la lignée des Shoedsackovskaïa, le Comte Razoff s'est installé il y a bien longtemps dans les marais afin de perpétuer la tradition familiale. En effet, chaque membre doit ramener à l'âge adulte une proie extraordinaire. Malheureusement, Razoff n'a jamais trouvé de proie à la hauteur de celle de ses ancêtres : le légendaire Abominable Géranium des Mers de Cacatoès ou la Space Mama de la Cité des Images.

I can't be bothered to translate it right now but basically, it says that Razoff failed to perpetuate the family tradition consisting in capturing an extraordinary prey, and it mentions two of them: the legendary Abominable Geranium of the Seas of Cockatoo and the Space Mama of Picture City. Nowhere is Zaroff mentioned as the one who captured the latter, neither is it said that she was shot.

Any new modifications will be welcome in the light of valid sources.

Hunchman801 13:21, 19 September 2009 (UTC)

Ah.... i get it.... when i read Spiral's post about this:

'Only descendant of the Shoedsackovskaïa family, Count Razoff settled a long time ago in the swamps in order to perpetuate the familial tradition. In fact, each member must come back once adult with an extraordinary prey. Unfortunately, Razoff has never found a prey matching up to those of his ancestors: the legendary Abominable Geranium of the Seas of Cockatoo or the Space Mama of Picture City.

I get the impression that his paternal grandfather, Nimrod, shot the Abominable Geranium, and his father, Zaroff, shot Space Mama. ~Spiral

I thought that Nimrod really shot Geranium and Zarrof shot Space mama.... but it was only what he thought :P ~R4321