The Bog of Murk

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The Bog of Murk
The Bog of Murk
Clearleaf Forest The Land of the Livid Dead
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Two Hoodmongers playing cards in the Bog of Murk
This uncharted marshland lies in the nether-realms of Rayman’s world. It's home to a slew of fiendish flora and fauna – not to mention anti-social witches and egomaniacal musketeers.
—Press release, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

The Bog of Murk, also known as the Umber Swamp, is the third of nine levels found in Rayman 3. This level introduces the player to the Throttle Copter. It also marks the smallest appearance of Globox in a level, as he does not appear until the very last cutscene (although his voice can be heard in the first and sixth phases).


This world is a dark and murky marshland of piranha-infested swamps, and is the home of two anti-social characters – Bégoniax the witch, and Count Razoff the hunter – who soon see Rayman as an enemy. It is also home to Muddibogs who throw rocks at both Rayman and the Hoodlums. Early in the first level, large flying creatures with hands for heads called Paluchards can be seen in the distant sky, one of which later helps Rayman out in the dungeon of Razoff's mansion.

A tribe of Teensies called Murkins were originally planned to live in the swamp but were cut from the game.

As a level

Stage 1 – Bégoniax

The level occurs after Rayman has tumbled from one of the Teensie Highways and been seperated from Globox. He lands in a toilet cubicle occupied by the witch Begoniax, who becomes incredibly angry and threatens Rayman, despite his feeble attempts to tell her he did not mean anything. Just outside the toilet, Rayman can break open a cage, the occupant of which will bestow upon him the first Throttle Copter powerup. Rayman can use this to reach Begoniax's house. Once there, the battle against Begoniax begins, the two chase each other a large cauldron, the contents of which either can disturb at anytime by jumping up and hitting. If the contents hit one of the fighters, they will be transformed into a frog, making them very vulnerable to the other's attacks. If Rayman wins, Begoniax flees, and if Rayman follows her, he can access a magic mirror which transports him to a new part of the marshes.

Begoniax's unique battle music is removed in the PC version.

Stage 2

The next stage features a set of various Hoodlums. If Rayman can defeat them all and access the powerups they give him, he can leave the area.

Two nettles can be seen in the Bog of Murk

Stage 3

This phase begins with a Hoodlum fighting off a swarm of Muddibogs. The winner of the fight is random, but is usually the Muddibogs. Regardless, Rayman must defeat whoever is left standing, before carrying on through a small building to a second bog, which features more Muddibogs, Hoodlums, and piranhas similar to those seen in the previous two games.

If one of the Hoodlums' boats is jumped on, it will move to the side of the building and sail in a circle, allowing Rayman to collect some yellow gems. It also come across a small island with a hollow tree which contains some more yellow gems, a green emerald & several rubies. If one uses the camera to look around, a fleet of Hoodlum airships can be seen carrying Hoodlums to the Land of the Livid Dead.

Stage 4 – Razoff's mansion

This level takes place mostly underground, and has Rayman navigating several tunnels and fighting off Hoodlums to eventually leave the area. At the end of the level, he comes across a mysterious mansion that even the Hoodlums cannot enter. However, once all the Hoodlums are beaten, the doors mysteriously open and Rayman can enter, ending the stage.

Stage 5 – Count Razoff

Here, Rayman meets the nefarious Count Razoff a hunter who is intent on killing Rayman and adding him to his collection. He expresses interest in stuffing him and mounting him on his wall, but also in turning him into a rug and putting him in front of his fireplace. The fight consists of the two chasing each other around Razoff's huge mansion, fighting whenever they meet. In some segments the screen changes to a view of Razoff's gun and Rayman must take cover behind statues. Once Rayman has worked Razoff's health bar down to zero, Razoff flees into a basement, announcing that no one can stop him. Rayman must follow him underground to end the level.

Inside Razoff's mansion is a room with a large mirror. If Rayman is left in idle in front of it, he'll make a face at himself and notice he has something stuck in his teeth, pulling it out.

An early version of Bégoniax's house

Stage 6 – Razoff's last stand

This final stage sees Rayman and Razoff conclude their fight. This time, Razoff hangs from a giant ball on a chain, which he attempts to ram Rayman with. Later in the fight, Rayman can obtain Heavy Metal Fists to give him an advantage. Once Razoff's health is completely depleted, he tumbles into the pit below.


Razoff finds Globox in his basement and attempts to shoot him. However, he is suddenly met by a group of small creatures he had previously captured, who he is apparently scared of. He runs, but is caught by Begoniax, who underlines her not-so-subtle desires of what she plans to do with him. Rayman, Globox and the creatures watch, a little disturbed, as Razoff fails to escape Begoniax's grasp, before Globox questions Rayman as to how they will reach the Doctor's office. Rayman notices a magic mirror in the basement, and remembering the one he encountered in Begoniax's house, announces that he has an idea.

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