The Iron Mountains

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The Iron Mountains (also known as Gloomy Island) is a level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. It is where the Air Mask is found despite not necessarily being a sanctuary.


This level is set high up in the mountainous regions of the Glade of Dreams where a number of pirate strongholds are built. Deep in the canyons nearby are mines in which a large number of Baby Globoxes are held captive. Many Red Robo-Pirates were seen as guards.

Phase 1

Rayman is outside a metalworks building with a generator room inside, and he has to shoot two switches to deactivate an electric field and go down the middle of a rotating machine and into a pipe that leads to a grassy area. Going though another tunnel past a swampy lake, there is another pirate stronghold which Rayman has to jump from the top and glide down a rapid river. At the edge is a hot air balloon which Rayman hops in and rides.

Phase 2

He then lands in a field with yet another stronghold, which is this time guarded by an invincible giant robot that resembles a dinosaur or perhaps a chicken. The robot is so heavy, everytime it jumps it sends objects in the air, making it useful for Rayman to infiltrate the stronghold, which has a few baby Globoxes are held captive. Rayman soon finds a walking shell and has to ride all over the place to collect Yellow Lums and find two switches (three switches in the PlayStation version) to release the babies.

Phase 3

Deep in a canyon Rayman has to cross a polluted pond, and he'll eventually meet Uglette, Globox's wife, who is upset by the fact that more of her babies are missing and held in the mines. The player then takes control of a pirate ship and has to fly it around the canyons and find the four mines. When all of mines are visited, the ship has to go back to Uglette and reunite the babies. One of them withdraws the last mask from its mouth and gives it to Rayman.

Version differences

  • In the PlayStation version of Rayman 2, this level is renamed to Gloomy Island, Uglette appeared in the first cutscene and the last cutscene, and the part with the pirate ship is removed.
  • In Rayman Revolution, Rayman is given the Rain Mask instead, and has to fight Grolem 13 in order to get the final mask.

Level Details

PS Version

Tomb of the Ancients => The Gloomy Island => The Prison Ship

  • Level Type: Forest/Prison
  • Number of Lums: 35
  • Number of Denys: 2
  • Number of Ludivs: 2