The Land of the Livid Dead (Rayman 3)

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The Land of the Livid Dead
The Land of the Livid Dead
The Bog of Murk The Desert of the Knaaren
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The Land of the Livid Dead, also known as the Moor of Mad Spirits, is the fourth of the nine levels in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.


The landscape is reminiscent of a Celtic ruin, and the rocky hills are filled with ancient stone monoliths, small passages and sunken structures. The climate appears to be very mild and cloudy, though it rains in the later sections. This land is beside either a sea or ocean. The stone walls are covered with engravings made by the Griskin Teensies a long time ago, before they were turned to ghosts by the Great Spirit Palmito.

As a level

Stage 1

Rayman must make his way through several tunnels to come face-to-face with his first ever Hoodstormer, who drops a Crazy Shoe power-up. He must use a combination of Laser-Washing Powders to ascend platforms and break through doors.

Secret area

Globox drinks a keg full of plum juice before the fight with the Hoodstormer. By ascending the bubble he belches, Rayman can discover a room in a wall with creatures frozen in ice and with many yellow jewels and a green jewel.

Stage 2

Rayman and Globox enter a Hoodlum fortress, containing an abundance of Hoodstormers and Hoodmonger Soldiers. Once they have been defeated, he can fight his first ever Grim Keeper and Hoodoo.

Secret area

Once Rayman has killed the Grim Keeper, Globox will help him get up to the higher level by belching a bubble. To the right of where Rayman is supposed to go is a secret room containing several Throttle Copters and jewels.

Stage 3

Rayman is confronted by a gate that a Hoodmonger closes with a switch. He must work his way up a ghostly tower, freeing Griskins from Palmito's spell, to get the gate to open. However, his first Heckler approaches from the gate. Once it is defeated, it drops a Shock Rocket which Rayman must use to hit the switch and proceed to Roméo Patti's office. During this time, Rayman must deal with several Hoodmonger Officers.

Stage 4 – Céloche

Globox drinks a keg full of plum juice and flies away while Rayman goes underwater to find and destroy the Hoodlum-controlled war tripod, Céloche.

Stage 5 – Roméo's office

Rayman and Globox enter the office of Roméo but a gate is blocking the way. Using a nearby Shock Rocket power-up, Rayman must shoot each Hoodlum as they run around, which can be quite hard. After all of them are dead, the gate opens and the duo proceed to the doctor himself. Sadly, Roméo also fails to extract Andre and sends Globox to the Desert of the Knaaren to meet up with Gonzo, the last Teensie doctor.

Secret area

If Rayman looks up, he can see two holes in the ceiling. In the holes are switches; hitting both of these opens up a ection of the wall containing lots of jewels.

Stage 6 – Third Teensie Highway


  • Roméo Patti's office can be seen when standing on a high point; it can be seen three times.
  • The Griskins are the only species of Teensie in Rayman 3 that have their own sub-plot; in this case it is the ghostly tower in part 3.

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