The Magician

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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman 1
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Sex Male
Species Unknown
Status Magician

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The Magician is a side character who appears in Rayman 1 quite frequently. He is the same species as Rayman, and specializes in magic. While he has a short role in Rayman 1, he's seen much more often in Amazing Learning Games with Rayman.


Being the same species as Rayman, the Magician has the signature trait of no arms, leg, or neck, and with a very large nose. His most distinguished features are his long blond hair, almost reaching the ground in length, and his long black top hat with a golden star on the front that covers his eyes. He is dressed in a purple shirt with two light blue buttons on the front, white gloves, and long sock-like shoes striped in purple and orchid. The Magician's eyes are never seen, so there is no record of his eye color.


The Magician, like Betilla, is a character who assists Rayman on his journey in Rayman 1. At the very beginning of Rayman 1, the Magician tells the story of what is going on at the time before Rayman's journey begins, appearing to have a carefree and sarcastic tone in his voice, implying that he either has a strong sense of humor, or has disregarded the fact that his world is in danger at the moment. His primary role in the game is to challenge Rayman every time he is found, as long as he can pay the price. For a price of 10 Tings, the magician can transport Rayman to special Bonus Levels where he may either earn more Tings or, if he may complete the level, earn an additional life.

In Amazing Learning Games with Rayman, the Magician takes up a teacher-like role, giving Rayman instructions on every task he must make in order to make it through every level. Typically he pops a bad joke or two during the beginning level introductions, and at the end of each level will perform quite humorously with a dance, cheer, or a bit of singing. At the end of one of these levels, the Magician can be heard rapping 90's style.

A Name

The Magician was never given an official name, and for most he is continued to only be called "The Magician". However, some fans have given him names, such as Houdini, Ashe, David or Jasper.