The Magician

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The Magician
The Magician
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman, Rayman Junior, Rayman Origins
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Portrayed by Chris Bénard (Rayman)

Sex Male
Species Teensy
Status Magician

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‘Sorry folks, this apparently can't last...’ —The Magician, Rayman

The Magician is a major limbless character that makes his first appearance in the original Rayman, and later appearing in several educational spin-offs of the game, such as Rayman Junior and English with Rayman.

Character description


Being part of the same limbless species as Rayman, the Magician bears the signature traits – lack of limbs, large nose and white gloves. He has long blonde hair that nearly reaches the ground, and his eyes are always covered by his long black top hat, which shines in blue and purple and has a gold star on the front. He has also been seen wearing shirts of two colours – in the introduction sequence of Rayman, he wears a purple shirt with two blue buttons, but in the game itself, this is blue with golden buttons. The colour of his shoes – purple and orchid – remain the same, but with different stripe patterns. He is also noticeably shorter than Rayman is in Rayman, but in the educational games, he is approximately the same height as Betilla the Fairy. According to English with Rayman, the Magician has a cousin named Andrew.

In Rayman Origins, the Magician has a significant appeareance change. He's no longer part of Rayman's limbless species like most of the redesigned characters. Instead, he's a teensy, who wears a purple shirt with a black coat, a grey long curly hair, and the same signature top hat with a star on it.

Video game appearances


The Magician first appears in the introduction of Rayman, in which he tells the story of how Mr Dark stole the Great Protoon and brought about the collapse of the valley's natural stability. He calls on Rayman to go and free the Electoons from the cages that hostile beings had imprisoned them in, as well as bring the Great Protoon back from the Candy Château.

Rayman can come across the Magician's hat several times throughout the game. The Magician only emerges from it if Rayman has at least ten Tings; if not, he will clearly indicate with his hand that the hero will need them. If Rayman does have at least ten Tings, he automatically reaches out and drops them into the Magician's outstretched hand. The Magician then teleports Rayman to one of his bonus levels. In these secret areas, Rayman must collect all the Tings within the time limit. If he succeeds, he wins an extra life. Only a single life can be won in each bonus level. Subsequent victories in the same bonus levels are purely for fun, and also record the time taken by the player so that they can attempt to beat their records if they wish.

Rayman Junior

In several of the educational versions of the original game, such as Rayman Junior, the Magician's roles are looked into considerably more. He introduces the story of the game once again, only this time, he tells of how Mister Dark had broken into his cottage, stole the Great Book of Knowledge and destroyed the map to the villain's hideout. Once again, he and Betilla the Fairy call on Rayman to retrieve the pieces of the map and the book.

Instead of providing bonus areas, the Magician now helps Rayman to solve the many problems (spelling and mathematical problems for the young player) throughout the journey. When Rayman starts a level, the Magician will give him an overview of the specific tasks he needs to do in order to complete it. After that, his hat will appear several times, and each time Rayman passes one, the Magician will either ask a new question or remind him of the level's task. At the very end of the last stage in the level, he will appear somewhere once the final task is done, and when Rayman finds him, he mostly does a different performance, such as doing a dance or rapping 90's style, while praising Rayman for what he has done.

Rayman Origins

The Magician makes his first chronological appeareance in the prequel game Rayman Origins. He is first encountered at the beginning of the game: he is found inside his distinctive top hat, which is sitting on the ground outside the Snoring Tree. Each time one of the players jumps on the hat, the Magician offers a few words of advice. The hat appears in many places throughout the game, and the players can jump on it at any time for tips relevant to their current situation. It seems that the Magician takes care of Electoons, keeping them in gigantic test tubes. At the end of each level, he is seen holding a test tube which he uses to count the number of Yellow Lums collected by the players. Certain numbers of Yellow Lums will unlock further Electoon cages. In these post-level screens, the Magician can be seen fully: he is revealed to be a Teensy rather than a member of Rayman's species, and his hair is grey rather than blonde.

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