The Prison Ship

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The Prison Ship is one of the levels in Rayman 2: The Great Escape and it's remakes, in which you must travel through the Buccaneer to get to get to Admiral Razorbeard. It is the last level before The Crow's Nest.


It is the inside of a pirate ship with lots of wood, metalworks and fire. There are lot of slopes there, and pools of lava. And, being a ship belonging to the Robo-Pirate Army, there are a lot of metalworks and computers.


When Rayman had collected the four masks of Polokus, he was transported to the Buccaneer to fight Razorbeard. First, he had to slide down slopes to find his way through, next he come across a Ninja Pirate, but in Rayman 2: Revolution he battles two red Henchman 800s in a room with lava, but in the PlayStation version this part was removed, then he had to take control of a Flying Missile and use it to get to Razorbeard.