The Summit Beyond the Clouds

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The Summit Beyond the Clouds
The Summit Beyond the Clouds
The Longest Shortcut Hoodlum Headquarters
Murfy's score: [[File:R3ScoreIcon[L.png|[]][[File:R3ScoreIcon[.png|[]]Imag
Maximum score: [[File:R3ScoreIcon[L.png|[]][[File:R3ScoreIcon[.png|[]]Imag

Matuvus I Tribelles I
Cages [[File:R3ScoreIcon[L.png|[]][[File:R3ScoreIcon[.png|[]]File

The Summit Beyond the Clouds, also known as the Summit of Fury, is a snow-based level in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, and the last in which the player uses the Funkyboard. Globox is frozen into an ice cube here and the player must use the Funkyboard to race him down the Summit and get to the Hoodlum Headquarters. The ski slope level with the Funkyboard looks similar to the Ski Slope level in Tonic Trouble.

Known Glitches

  • In the second phase, before of the second Hoodlock, in the right side, if Rayman is near that side, he can fly. This glitch work on PC and PS2.

Here is the glitch

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A theoretical maximum for The Summit beyond the Clouds.

The calculations are based on the following combo, where H denotes the Hoodlock, k denotes a kickflip, y a yellow gem, r a red gem and finally g a green gem.

Hkkky | kkkkk | kkkky | yyyyr | kkkkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyykkkkkgkkk

Straight points: 2780 points Combo points: 100 + 300 + 390 + 280 + 11050 = 12120

In order to get the maximum score in SBTC your score just before you start the combo must be

99.999 – 2780 = 97.219 points.

The maximum score for SBTC is: 99.999 + 12120 = 112.119 points.

This combo requires immaculate flipping:

First group after the Hoodlock: 4 + 8 = 12 kickflips Second group after the red gem: 14 kickflips Third group jumping for the green gem: 8 kickflips

The top score know for now is 111.779

  1. This value is an estimate, for the maximum amount of possible kickflips in the last combo is unknown. The highest known score is 111,779 points, but more kickflips would have been possible.