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| followed by = Ending scene
| followed by = Ending scene
| murfysscore = [[Image:R3ScoreIcon4L.png|4]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon8.png|8]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon0.png|0]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon0.png|0]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon1.png|1]][[Image:R3ScoreIconR.png|R3ScoreIconR.png]]
| murfysscore = [[Image:R3ScoreIcon4L.png|4]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon8.png|8]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon0.png|0]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon0.png|0]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon1.png|1]][[Image:R3ScoreIconR.png|R3ScoreIconR.png]]
| maxscore =  [[Image:R3ScoreIcon1L.png|1]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon0.png|0]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon4.png|4]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon4.png|4]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon9.png|9]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon9.png|9]][[Image:R3ScoreIconR.png|R3ScoreIconR.png]]
| maxscore =  [[Image:R3ScoreIcon1L.png|1]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon1.png|1]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon6.png|6]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon9.png|9]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon0.png|0]][[Image:R3ScoreIcon9.png|9]][[Image:R3ScoreIconR.png|R3ScoreIconR.png]]
| cages = [[File:R3ScoreIcon1L.png]][[File:R3ScoreIcon0.png]][[File:R3ScoreIconR.png]]
| cages = [[File:R3ScoreIcon1L.png]][[File:R3ScoreIcon0.png]][[File:R3ScoreIconR.png]]

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The Tower of the Leptys
The Tower of the Leptys
Hoodlum Headquarters Ending scene →
Murfy's score: [[File:R3ScoreIcon[L.png|[]][[File:R3ScoreIcon[.png|[]]Imag
Maximum score: [[File:R3ScoreIcon[L.png|[]][[File:R3ScoreIcon[.png|[]]Imag

Matuvus I Tribelles I
Cages [[File:R3ScoreIcon[L.png|[]][[File:R3ScoreIcon[.png|[]]File

The Tower of the Leptys is the ninth and final level of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. It is the tower built by the Knaaren for their god, the Leptys. The only enemies here are several kinds of Hoodlums, André, and the final boss, Reflux, who is a Knaaren that Rayman has to defeat in four fights. The three first fights are at the top of the tower and the last one is in the Leptys' world in the sky.

As a level

Stage One

Rayman must fight his way up the tower. There is more of emphasis on combat than ever before here, as he will at one point have to fight three Hecklers at once. The final Crazy Shoe is found here.

Stage Two

This level is predominantly inside the tower. The first half requires Rayman to climb a huge structure, there is also a flood level towards the end. As the final stage in which platforming features heavily it is exceptionally long and challenging. The final pair of Lavomatrixes are found here.

Stage Three

Globox reappears with an Armaguiddon and the two friends are reunited. Rayman must navigate the Armaguiddon through several narrow passageways; contact with almost anything will cause damage. Occasionally the two will be attacked by other Armaguiddon pilots. During this time Globox drives and Rayman uses the gun at the back of the vehicle to shoot down the aggressors in the sytle of a first-person shooter.

Stage Four

Rayman first climbs a series of steps with no opposition. During this time he can find more pigpots. Eventually he encounters Reflux again and the final battle begins. Firstly, Reflux raises his shield. Rayman must use the Lockjaw to lower it and then the Heavy Metal Fist to deal damage to Reflux. Once this fairly easy round has been won, Reflux injects himself with the Leptys, creating a more formidable boss. Rayman must circle giant Reflux waiting for him to throw his fist to the ground. When he does, Rayman can run up onto his back and attack the Leptys with the Heavy Metal Fist once again (attacking with the normal fist or the Lockjaw will prove fruitless). Next, Reflux begins to levitate. Rayman must use the floating debris around him, with the help of several Throttle Copters, to reach a Shock Rocket can. Once the Leptys is hit with the Shock Rocket, Reflux develops wings and flies away. Globox returns with the Armaguiddon and Rayman hops aboard. The two give chase.

Secret area

At the beginning of the level, if Rayman approaches the statue of the two Knaaren with 43,001 points or more, a door will open, granting him access to a secret zoo, filled with emeralds and exotic creatures. After Reflux has been defeated twice, Rayman can fall down the side of the arena to find a last emerald in an alcove.

Stage Five - The final battle Part Two

Rayman must use the Armaguiddon's weaponry to shoot down Reflux's shields. Once this has been done enough Reflux will land and Andre will begin to spawn Hoodlums from inside the Leptys. Rayman and Globox must fly around and defeat the Hoodlums before they can return to Reflux. Any Hoodlums that achieve their goal replenish Relfux's health. Gameplay repeats like this until Reflux's health is defeated. Afterwards, Andre falls to the ground. Rayman must use his grimace ability to turn him into a red lum, thus eliminating his threat.


Rayman and Globox are returned to The Fairy Council where all is well. However, Globox misses "his Andy". Rayman states that making Andre a Black Lum again is probably not a good idea and that he wouldn't know how to do it anyway. Globox reveals that he would have to scare the red lum, and Rayman hates to imagine what could possibly do that. It is then revealed in a flashback that it was Rayman's hands wandering around performing tricks upon the red lums that caused Andre to be "born" in the first place - a humourous irony.


  • The poisonous water in the Armaguiddon shooting phase uses a texture from Rayman 2.

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