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| name = Ambidextroid
| image = [[File:GardienADMR.png|center|200px|''I could have done with the purple hat version, but this picture of him looks much better =3'']]
| favourite game = [[Rayman 2]]
| favourite character = [[Jano]]
| gender = Male
| age = 17
| location = The chippy next to the Spar by my house
| interests = [[Rayman]], sleep and a good brew now and then
| occupation = [http://raymanpc.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=4109 Rayman Pirate Community Moderator] and General Cool Guy
Hello, I'm Ambidextroid. Welcome to my hole.
I'm not as knowledgeable when it comes to some topics in need of a good stern knowledging up on this wiki such as the RO/RL pages, but I'll do my best.
==My Edits==
They can be found [[Special:Contributions/Ambidextroid|here]] on my contribs page.
==My Rayman-Based Adventures==
===Rayman 1===
I was about 5 years old when I played Rayman 1 on PC for the first time. I had very, very nostalgic and distant memories of this game for a very long time before playing it again and being crushed by its difficulty.
===Rayman 2===
When I was a little older, around 6 or 7, I started playing Rayman 2 for PC. It's my favourite game in the series and I was pretty much obsessed with it at the time.
I used to draw comics and drawings of Rayman 2 when I was in school, but I couldn't spell at the time so there was no text, just visual recreations of scenes. These relics of my childhood have unfortunately been lost, I suspect, through the efforts of my parents to clean the house (a futile practice that I am yet to understand the purpose of, other than to rope children into doing pointless labour as a sadistic disciplinary measure).
I also had Rayman Revolution and played that quite a bit. I have a fond memory of a friend who was at my house and he thought the game looked shit and didn't understand why I liked the game so much... If only he gave it a try, the fool.
I don't know why, but this game gave me the impression that Rayman was actually only a few centimetres tall and everything in his world is just small. Come to think of it, it may have been because of the plums.
===Rayman 3===
When I was about the same age, or a little older, I played Rayman 3.
I would obsessively play the [[Balloons]] and [[Missile Command]] mini-games, if not just for their quirky and catchy music. That Balloons mini-game was kind of creepy as a kid too, with that surreal empty landscape...
For some reason I used to think the Knaaren where called 'Invincibles' as I have a very vivid memory of the teensies saying they where called 'Invincibles', as do my brothers, though I must have dreamt it up or something.
==My Rayman Games==
*[[Rayman_1|Rayman]] (PC, PS1, DSi, iOS)
*[[Rayman_(Game_Boy_Color)|Rayman GBC]] (GBC, 3DS Virtal Console)
*[[Rayman_2_Forever| Rayman 2 GBC]] (GBC)
*[[Rayman 2]] (PC, N64, iOS, PS1)
*[[Rayman Revolution]] (PS2)
*[[Rayman M]] (PS2)
*[[Rayman 3]] (PS2, PC)
*[[Rayman_3_(Game_Boy_Advance)|Rayman 3 GBA]] (GBA)
*[[Rayman:_Hoodlums_Revenge|Rayman Hoodlums' Revenge]] (GBA)
*[[Rayman Origins]] (PC)
*[[Rayman Legends]] (PC)
Total: 19!
==My Beautiful Sig==
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