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Hey! It's been a while. I'm Evil Rayman, (the brother of Dark Rayman and Bad Rayman) This is me! (and actually, no, I didn't make this, I only found it) and I have nothing else to say, so here is the list of Rayman games I own:

List of Rayman Games I Own

  • Rayman 1 (PC (no music like StaceyW's), PSP and PS3 (downloaded from PlayStation Store)

Things I'd Like to Say (Because I Now Remember At This Moment)

  • It is pathetic that in Rayman 1, right at the beginning, Rayman can't punch or run. Even a 4 year old could do those!
  • I like Internal Links on Wikis.

The Random Page Today

Coconut Island (Note: The Random Page Today may come very late in the day, cuz I got school, or I simply can't be bothered.)


Since Rayman Origins is coming out, I have none.