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Hi! I'm Ray502, though most people on RPC call me Ray. Obviously, I enjoy Rayman, but I also enjoy Crash Bandicoot. I created and developed fangames like Rayman: Razorbeard's Vengeance, and Rayman 2: The Alternate Side.

My story with Rayman

In 2003, at the age of 3, I watched my older sister play the original Rayman. That's pretty much how I got interested in the Rayman series, and I've never looked back since then. I've gone on to have a great selection of Rayman games, and in 2012, I joined Rayman Pirate-Community where I can discuss Rayman and the topics of life. My interest peaked so high to where the franchise will forever be my favorite. Also in 2012, I began working on Rayman fangames, and have released one in 2016, and is currently working on the sequel.

Consoles I own

Sony PlayStation 1

Sony PlayStation 2 Slim

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

Nintendo Wii

Rayman 1 is my favorite Rayman game.

Rayman games I own

Rayman 1 (PS1, PC)

Rayman Designer (on Rayman Forever disc)

Amazing Learning Games with Rayman

Rayman 2 (PC, PS1, Revolution)

Rayman Brain Games

Rayman M (PC)

Rayman Arena (PS2)

Rayman Rush

Rayman 3 (PC, PS2)

Rayman Raving Rabbids (PS2)

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Wii)

Rayman Origins (PS3)

Rayman Legends (PS3)

Rayman Adventures (iOS)

Rayman Classic (iOS)

My RayWiki Sig

Raywiki contribution

On January 25th, 2017, I started to contribute to the Raywiki. I started out on adding information about gameplay and the levels of Rayman 1. I then went on to add more information about Rayman 2, and Rayman 3. I've also fixed grammatical errors. As of February 19th, 2017, I have fully committed to RayWiki, working hard on adding a ton of information on certain articles that needed such information. Articles include the Rayman Designer levels, the Walk of Power article, the Rayman 3 levels articles, and the UbiArt titles, Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.


When I first started playing Rayman 1, the level I got stuck on was the second phase of Allegro Presto, I wasn't able to get past that phase til 2010, when I was able to finish 100%.
In 2007, my first copy of Rayman 1 no longer worked, freezing up at the main menu. I wasn't able to play again until 2010 when my parents discovered eBay. I completed it 100% that same year, and now consider R1 an easy game to beat.
Before production of Razorbeard's Vengeance began, I considered to make my fangame like the cancelled Rayman 2 prototype. But due to the poor layout of the tiles, I cancelled it after only 1 month of working on it.
I plan to release The Alternate Side as soon as early 2018.
I plan to go apply at a university in my state and get my bachelor's degree in game design after high school. Specifically level designer, programmer, and sketch artist. Maybe if Rayman is still alive I'll try to get hired from Ubisoft.