Void of Bones

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Void of Bones
Void of Bones
Vertigo Wastes Jano's Nest
Haunted Dreams

Lums 50 Cages 4

Void of Bones is the ninth level in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman 3. It is found in Haunted Dreams on the World Map. Reminiscent of the Cave of Bad Dreams in Rayman 2, this level is a haunted wasteland riddled with bones and ruins and teeming with Zombie Chickens and caterpillars. To get across, Rayman will have to climb many ladders of bones and ride on floating skulls.


Phase 1

In this area, Rayman has to climb many ladders to get to the very top where the exit is, and also has to use his fist to bring skulls to a short standstill, so they can be used to cross pits and reach higher ladders. In several locations, Rayman also has to use the scaling power he had just been given to scale between two walls at various points. Along the way, he will encounter Zombie Chickens and caterpillars, which need to be punched first, and then picked up and tossed in order to be destroyed. There are 25 Yellow Lums here, some of them off the main path, requiring attention to find. However, both cages are on the main path.

Phase 2

This time, there are many pits filled with extremely sharp bones that cause instant death upon contact. Rayman again has to use the skulls to his advantage, and in a few places must navigate with extreme precision using his helicopter hair. Also similarly to the Cave of Bad Dreams, he comes across Magic Spheres, which need to be thrown onto the pedestals that match their colours in order to open gates. Some of the lums in this level serve as hints for the location of safe passages among the many deadly obstacles. Other lums (and one of the two cages) are again off the main path, and require some backtracking.

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