The Rayman YTP Collab

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The Rayman YTP Collab

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In the year 2019, a YouTuber named FedoraMan Studios achieves 20 subscribers. He decided to make an epic YTP collab, knows as...
Drumroll please!
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The Rayman YTP Collab!
I mean why else would this be in the Rayman forums? (also note to mods or more intelligent people, if this is supposed to go in a different forum than please redirect me thank you)
So what are the rules in case you want to join? Well, here are the rules.
1. Your main source has to be Rayman. Commercials, Cutscenes, Gameplay, even the TV show and etc. must be Rayman!
2. Swearing is not permitted on this here YTP Collab, okay?
3. No dead memes please.
4. You must put your watermark in the video or I will in Comic Sans!
5. The video must be 30 seconds minimum. The maximum is 5 minutes.
6. You can redo your submission, but only once.
7. Please leave your submissions on my Youtube video or this post.
8. Please avoid 360p and below.
9. Any editor is allowed, even ones with watermarks. However, if the watermark is too big, it's declined.
10. Enjoy making your entry!
Youtube video link:

(Sign-ups due April 10th) (All entrys are due May 1st)
See ya on the Rayman side!
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