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The Child world

Child’ is the first of the five worlds in the Game Boy Advance adaptation of Rayman Raving Rabbids. It is an amalgamation of two worlds originally intended for inclusion in Rayman 4, Picture City and the World of Toys. Picture City was also one of the six worlds found in the original Rayman game.

Picture City, the world from Rayman which formed the partial basis for the Child world

At first glance, the Child world appears to be simply a return to Picture City, in that it shares many of its typical characteristics: the environments are cluttered with giant pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and pins. However, a strong influence from the World of Toys can also be found: the Child world is littered with bouncy balls, jigsaw pieces, building blocks, toy robots, train tracks, and many other childish distractions. It is unknown why the developers chose to merge these two initially-separate worlds, but limited time and money are likely explanations.

The enemies in the Child world are dancing rabbids, notebooks, schoolbags, super rabbids, boxer rabbids, pens and robots.

The World of Toys, one of the two worlds amalgamated to produce the Child world
Picture City, one of the two worlds amalgamated to produce the Child world
More of the Picture City artwork used as inspiration for the game