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For those wishing to speedrun or TAS games in the Rayman franchise, this page features a collection of the known tricks and glitches in each game, as well as tips to help speedrunners get through the game faster.


General Tips

  • The American PlayStation release is the standard for speedrunning, and is the most well-documented.
  • If the player holds down a given button, Rayman will perform the corresponding action as soon as possible. For instance, if the player does not have the helicopter ability, holding down X will cause them to jump the first frame they touch a vine.
  • Jump-punching is approximately twice as powerful as a regular punch; it breaks cages and kills most enemies in one hit.
  • Getting a bigger tether off of a Ring allows the player to move farther and higher than would otherwise be possible.
  • If the player changes direction before they are hit by a non-moving object, they can change the direction they are boosted.
  • Jumping quickly to the left and right on vines allows the player to get up them more quickly than if they were to simply climb.
  • It is often advisable to commit suicide.

Important Glitches

Rayman's midair momentum is programmed very strangely. Generally, Rayman's speed is stored in memory until it is reset by the game. This design quirk can be utilized by the player in a couple of ways:

Froot Loop Boosting

While on a Ring, Rayman's speed, as interpreted by the game, is exponentially higher than his standard walking or running speed. Ordinarily, the player is limited to the latter when jumping off of a Ring, at best.

However, if the player holds up or down, instead of left or right, the game will not reset Rayman's speed. As a result, if the player opts to hold up or down, instead of left or right, Rayman will happily rocket across the level.

This comes in especially handy in Bongo Hills; it allows the player to easily break the infamous "helicopter" cage on the fifth screen without revisiting the level, saving around three minutes of time.

Speed Storage

Rayman's "ground" and "midair" speed values are actually completely separate from one another. Rayman's "midair" speed is reset only if his subsequent midair movement exceeds 2px/frame, Rayman's standard walking speed.

As such, if the player slows to a walk before jumping, they will not overwrite this "midair speed" value. This allows speedrunners to, effectively, "store" the large amounts of speed they can get from slippery platforms and Rings.

If the player runs or leaps off the edge of a sprite platform (such as a plum or cloud), the game will immediately switch to the "midair speed" value, causing Rayman to move at the "stored" speed.

One particularly noteworthy example of this is "Plum Skip Skip" (so named because it replaces a notorious trick present in earlier speedruns), which uses the momentum gained in Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo to get over to a vine in Moskito's Nest that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

Video Tutorial

An in-depth video tutorial done by the speedrunner Shoteru. It is fairly comprehensive and covers most of the current strategies, despite being somewhat outdated.

Rayman Revolution

The Japanese release of Rayman Revolution is the best suited to speedrunning. Japanese best -ese, always brings the faster text so you can get whirl rekky. However, the tricks listed below are valid for all versions.

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Note that most of the general tricks from Rayman 2 also work in Rayman Revolution as well. These are however, tricks that are exclusive to Rayman Revolution.

  • By moving Rayman sideways in any direction, while moving the camera so that Rayman is moving to the side, his movement speed can be doubled.
  • By having Rayman shoot, right before landing in a body of water, the player can have the animation skipped.
  • By jumping diagonally in a wall jump, the player can save a few seconds.

The Woods of Light

For the jail-escape part it is a lot faster jumping while sliding down. Once the next part is entered, there is a way to skip the Murfy dialogue after the first cage has been broken. To do so, the player must land on the rocks behind the cage, once it has been hit twice, and then quickly jump up again. The next trick will allow the player to skip the cutscene with the baby Globoxes. To do so, the player must land their jump on the far left side of the ledge where they are. By doing this the cutscene trigger will be skipped, and the player can move on by jumping into the tunnel. Once the wall-jump area is reached, it is once again faster to jump diagonally.

The Minisaurus Plain

For the Minisaurus Plain you're going to want to perform a air-swimming bug. You do this by glitching through the walls in the water during the tutorial (watch the video linked below for a better understanding of where to perform the glitch). What you want to do next is to swim into the entrance to the Bayou.

Once you get the question on if you want to save or not, press yes and then choose no on everything else. What this will do is to reload the intro-cutscene to that level. Though, as you entered it before it now thinks you've already seen the first Razorbeard cutscene and now takes you to the next one which is right before the Precipice. Once you've watched the cutscene it will now load the level connected with the cutscene which in this case is the Precipice. You're however going to want to leave the level immediately by jumping onto the balloon.

Rainbow Creek

Before entering Rainbow Creek you're going to want to activate a special bug-mode which allows you to play while at the save-screen. To do this you're going to first say yes to saving, press no at the next screen, press cross at he next screen while holding select and then pressing start. Once you enter Rainbow Creek you're going to head towards the Teensies. However, make sure you don't exit the save-screen by pressing cross at any time. This gets tricky when you get to the ledge where Rayman is going to be hanging. It is possible to get up from there, though not that easy as you need to press the right button depending on the angle. An easier way to perform this is to activate this bug-state through another loading-screen in the area.

Once you've made it to the second set of sign where you'll usually find the flying shell leading to the Crow's Nest you're going to walk to the edge and stand in a position so that you see the Teensie stone circle to the left and a cliff to the right. Once there you're going to save the game and once the game is saved you're going to start very high up in the air. If you've done this correctly you should be falling into the trigger on your way down which will take you to the Crow's Nest.

The Crow's Nest

During the first part of the boss you should stay near the edge to prevent Razorbeard to jump towards you. Once in the second phase it is a lot faster to defeat him by getting the unlimited-ammo by flying into the small circle at the top while holding down the jump and shoot button (cross and square). While he is taking damage in the lava you can shoot at him to make him get up quicker.

Video tutorial



Rayman 3

Rayman 3 speedrunning makes extensive use of the glitches present in the game.

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