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Robotic Teensie
Rayman and some Teensies. I'm a Teensie too. A robotic one. Though not in real life, obviously.
Alignment Good

Appears in RayWiki and Pirate Community forum
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Sex Male
Species Human (Homo Sapiens)
Status Err... alive?

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Eww my username is a red link! Well I'd better change that...


Greetings! This is my user page. So... yeah.


What am I supposed to write here?

*looks at some other user pages*

Ah... general information!

General Information

  • Username: Robotic Teensie
  • Age: 18 (as of 27 March 2013... I am so going to forget to update this)
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Maternal language: Dutch
  • Foreign languages: English, German
  • Occupation: Secondary school student (going to university next school year)
  • Hobbies and Interests: Video games, programming, technology
  • Consoles owned: Not much. An Xbox 360, and... that's it.

Good. Now what?

Well... this is a site about Rayman, so...

Rayman specific info. Right.

Rayman-related Information

  • Rayman fan since: I don't know... very roughly around 2002-ish, maybe? -- Seriously, how can people remember the exact month in which they became a Rayman fan? I don't even remember the year...
  • Player status: Veteran -- Player status... what is that even supposed to mean? Hmm, everyone else has "veteran" here. I have played Rayman games for years so I'm definitely not a noob... OK, I guess that's called "veteran" then.
  • First Rayman game to have played: Rayman 2: The Great Escape (PC version) -- Don't ask me when. I don't know.
  • Latest Rayman game to have played: Rayman Origins (PC version)
  • Favourite Rayman game: Rayman 2 -- What version, you ask? I'm not sure... I have only played the PC version, though some other versions look nice as well
  • Least favourite Rayman game: All Rabbids games -- No, that's not fair - I wouldn't call them Rayman games. They have their own franchise.
  • Least favourite REAL Rayman game: Well... some handheld Rayman games just look awful -- Note: I haven't played any handheld Rayman titles, but from what I've seen so far, they can't be good...
  • Rayman Pirate Community member since: 23 August 2012
  • RayWiki user since: 23 August 2012

Okay... the list is done. Good.

Now...I made a forum post about my Rayman life story once... let's see if I can find it.

My Rayman Life Story

Wall of text warning!

I think the first Rayman game I ever played was R2 for the PC... though I really can't remember how old I was when I first played it; all I can say is that I was probably younger than 10. I remember getting stuck at Ly's machine in the Fairy Glade for a long time (I stopped playing and much later, when I played the game again, I had to start over; the same happened every time I got stuck). Then one day a friend came over on my birthday and we played R2 again... we played it all day and when my friend had to leave at the end of the day we were in the Sanctuary of Water and Ice. Later on I made it to the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire and I got stuck there. A while later I managed to beat that level and got stuck in the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava. Later I got stuck in the Prison Ship. Finally I managed to finish the game... I was 12 then. Though I didn't get the 1000th lum then, so technically my game progress was only 99.9%. I learned of the 1000th lum's existence years later, and replayed the whole game to get my progress to 100%. It's definitely my favourite Rayman game.

Sometime after I'd gotten to know R2 (but I think before I finished it) I got my hands on a R3 demo. It took place in Clearleaf Forest and it was a bit different from the final game. Later I got the full R3 game (for PC). Again I didn't complete the game in one go - I remember getting stuck on the third Teensie Highway, the Desert of the Knaaren, the Longest Shortcut and Reflux in the Tower of the Leptys. I also played the PS2 version of R3 with a friend during... after-school activity? (not 100% sure if that's the correct term in English) That was the only time I ever played a Rayman game with a friend, and I have to say, it was much better than playing it solo.

No wait, I also remember playing R1 once at another friend's house... he was in Picture City (which I haven't managed to reach to this day, so he must really have been a pro gamer to reach it at such a young age (or he just cheated - he does like to use cheats in video games)).

I once saw some early gameplay vids on Rayman Raving Rabbids, before it was turned into a party game. When I saw it lying in a shop, I bought it, still believing it to be a platformer game. I played it for 30 mins, and haven't touched it since.

A year ago (or something like that) I managed to obtain Rayman 1 (PC), but it's so hard I still haven't finished it. I got to the Blue Mountains, then I died like 50 times in one level, and all my lives were gone... that's when I cheated. But immediately after using the cheats I regretted that and, seeing that the cheats couldn't be undone, I stopped playing. I recently started again, but yeah... I'm still in Dream Forest. It's so hard...

Anyway, I downloaded a Rayman Origins demo for the Xbox 360 last year, and got the full Rayman Origins (PC) when it was released - it's the only Rayman game I've completed in one go. Though I don't have all the speed trophies and lum medals yet.

I've also watched many Youtube videos about Rayman games. A lot of them were Haruka's playthroughs of non-PC versions of games - Haruka, you are so pro. The most entertaining Rayman vids I've seen were made by a guy called Scottishduck (or something like that) - it was a Let's Play R2 for the DC (I think). His commentary was very funny.

Finally very recently I downloaded a PS2 emulator, only to find out my laptop just isn't powerful enough to run Rayman Revolution at a decent speed.

The only thing that has changed since then is that I now have all lum medals and speed trophies in Origins. Oh, and I've been using Cheat Engine to mess around with Rayman 2 and especially 3.

Well... that's it.