Capture the Fly

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Capture the Fly is one of the three battle modes in Rayman M and Rayman Arena. It comes last in the list of battle modes for each level, and is often unlocked when a player wins a Lum Fight.

The goal

Players have the objective of catching the Light-Fly and holding it as long as possible. The Light-Fly is always positioned in one specific spot of the battle maps, normally in the middle of them glowing with a pink colour. When a player touches it, it sticks to the player and it converts into the colour that represents their number: blue for player one, red for player two, yellow for player three and green for player four. After having possession of the Light-Fly, the player must avoid the opponents by running away to strategical spots of the battle map and to dodge the rubber bullets, preventing the Light-Fly from being stolen. The player gradually wins one point after another if they keep the Light-Fly for enough time. Players that hold the Light-Fly are not able to shoot rubber bullets, while the other players can. The opponents that pursue the Light-Fly holder have five rubber bullets that are recharged gradually back to five some time after the usage of the ammo. When the Light-Fly holder is hit, the Light-Fly will fly to the player who shot the Light-Fly. The battle ends when one of the players earns the set amount of points.