Dreamy Forest

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Dreamy Forest
Dreamy Forest
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Lap time in Time Trial: 00:31:00

Dreamy Forest is a level in Rayman Kart that is similar to the Minisaurus Plain level in Rayman Revolution. It is mostly like a meadow area, with a river flowing through it.

Easy Race

The track in the Easy Race is quite circular and short. At the beginning of the track there is a small river to jump with the help of a ledge. If the player completes 3 laps arrives first the challenge is completed.

Hard Race

The track in the Hard Race is quite similar from the Easy Race one except that is mirrored and the river is encountered at half of the track. To complete the challenge the player has to win arriving first after 3 laps.

Time Trial

The Time Trial challenge in that level uses the track from the Easy Race and the time given to complete a lap is 00:31:00. To win the Time Trial the time mustn't run out and 3 laps must be done.

Lum Race

In the Lum Race the track used is the one from the Easy Race. The player to win has to collect more lums in 3 laps than his opponent.


Along the way, there are some mosquitoes, whether this is Bzzit or Moskito is not mentioned. There are also some cows from Rayman Raving Rabbids around the track, the racer can drive into them but nothing will happen.