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The French Workshop is a set of activities found in Rayman Activity Centre, which can be found by clicking on the Saturn like planet that resembles the French flag. The French Workshop is depicted as a series of islands which make up locations from the valley. The workshop is run by Joe the Cricket, who teaches the player basic French.

Basic Gameplay

While all the islands are different, each French Workshop activity follows the same structure. At the beginning of each activity, Joe will sing a song relating to what the player will be learning. After this, Joe will introduce the player to the island and give instructions. They can either play the song again, use the memo feature, where players can hear each word that is going to come up in the game, or play the game. Each game has the player identifying a word Joe says in French with the picture that would go with it. Unlike most activities, they go on forever - although on some of the islands Joe will sing part of the song every few goes.

Activities within the French Workshop

Joe - By clicking on Joe with in the workshop's 'hub', he will tell the player how to say simple phrases such as 'I am tired' and 'goodnight' in French. These are said at random.

The Island of Strange Numbers - Set by a xylophone bridge in Band-land, players learn numbers from one to ten in French.

The Fruit Merry Go-Round - Set on a merry-go round made of jelly, nougat, candy canes and fruit, Joe teaches players how to say various fruits in French.

The Island of Magic Bubbles - Although it resembles the Dream Forest on the map, the activity is set on a Picture City background, in a place where large bubbles float (hence the island's name). Players are taught how to say various animals in French.

Joe's Painting Studio - Set in a painting studio in Picture City, Joe teaches players colours in French. The game in this activity is a little different, as when players select the colour said by Joe, it will colour in a picture with it. Unlike the other activities, Joe does not reprise the song every few goes.