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Linking on RayWiki, or any wiki for that matter, is not quite the same as the kind you make with HTML tags, so here's how to do it.


An internal link is a link that links one wiki page to another.

For linking to an Article:
For linking to a Namespace
[[Namespace:Page name]]
To link to an Image:
To link to a Category:
[[Category:Category name]]
If you want to link to more than one category in an article, each of the categories must be linked to separately:
[[Category:Category name I]][[Category:Category name II]]
And if the article's name has 'The' in it:
[[Category:Category name|Article name, The]]


An external link is a one that links to a page outside the wiki.

To make a basic external link:
To make a basic external link to someone's email address:
[mailto:[email protected]]


The appearances of links can be changed.

To change the appearance of an internal link:
[[Page|Cool page]]
To change the appearance of an external link:
[ Cool website]