Level of Awesomeness

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Players receive a special message once they reach the highest Level of Awesomeness.
Truly awesome!, a trophy obtained by reaching the final Level of Awesomeness.

The Level of Awesomeness is a feature of Rayman Legends that represents the experience level of players in the game. The more cups that players win during gameplay, the more the Level of Awesomeness rises for them. There are twelve levels, level eleven being the highest.

Icon Name Points required
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 0.png Level 0 0
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 1.png Level 1 60
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 2.png Level 2 ?
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 3.png Level 3 ?
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 4.png Level 4 ?
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 5.png Level 5 400
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 6.png Level 6 550
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 7.png Level 7 800
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 8.png Level 8 1500
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 9.png Level 9 2500
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 10.png Level 10 4000
RL-LevelOfAwesomeness 11.png Level 11 6000