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Magic curtains are objects found in the Game Boy Advance and N-GAGE adaptations of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.

Magic curtains act as level entrances; entering them transports Rayman from a hub area to a level. In this sense they are similar to Spiral Doors. At the end of each stage he finds a lightpost which transports him to the next stage; at the end of each level is a lightpost which returns him to the magic curtain through which he entered the level. Magic curtains can be found in each of the four hub worlds: Forgotten Forests, Haunted Dreams, Magmacosm and Pirate Stronghold. Accessible magic curtains are blue with yellow filaments; when Rayman stands in front of one, the name and details of the corresponding level (such as its Yellow Lum and cage count) are displayed. Pressing the ‘jump’ button causes Rayman to be yanked behind the curtain; he then finds himself at the beginning of the level. If the player completes a level, collects all its Yellow Lums and breaks all its cages, its magic curtain takes on a sparkling appearance. If a curtain is red with yellow filaments, this means that its level has not yet been unlocked. Its name and details cannot be viewed. If the player presses the ‘jump’ button before one of these curtains, Rayman leaps up and covers his mouth in surprise before falling back down.

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