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Rayman Gear is a contraption which Rayman constructs out of three collectible parts in the Nintendo DS version of Rayman Raving Rabbids.


The Rayman Gear robot is a small robot which can fly and comes equipped with a machine gun, missile launcher, shield and a hook with a plunger attached to it. The robot has a glass windows in the front.

Role in the game

In the final area of the game, there is one path in each of the three levels which contains a Rayman Gear part. Collecting all three will finish the Rayman Gear robot, which is then used in special challenge stages which appear in new paths in previous levels. These challenges has Rayman automatically flying the robot, with the player being able to use the stylus for certain commands. They can touch on any point of the screen to fire using the machine gun. Touching directly on an enemy will fire a missile towards him. The robot can hold a total number of ten missiles at once. Drawing a line between the robot and an object or enemy will throw out a hook, equipped with a plunger. This is used to pull off certain shields, drag in enemies or attach to Clark the Superbunny to speed up. The player can reel in certain objects by turning with the stylus on the robot. The robot also comes with a shield which can be activated to by holding down on it. The shield protects against attacks, but slows it down.

Each Rayman Gear challenge has Rayman facing the Rabbid Fish Creature, which will appear on the corner of the screen during several points. The player has to attach the hook to him and reel him in to destroy its weak points. Only one point can be shot at a time before it escapes. If the player misses the Creature too many times, a one-minute timer will appear until the player fails the stage and has to try again. The Rabbid Fish Creature has takes three hits before defeated in all challenges, except the final one, where he takes four. The stage ends when he has been defeated.