Rayman Raving Rabbids (early production)

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Rayman Raving Rabbids started as Rayman 4 until it after numerous development changes became the party game the final product is.

Console versions

Rayman 4

Main article: Rayman 4 (cancelled prototype)

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Main article: Rayman Raving Rabbids (cancelled prototype)

Game Boy Advance version

Unused objects

An unused Rabbid appears outside of the level boundaries in the level Infernal Escape.

An unused version of a little Livingstone can be found in the game data.

Other unused object animations are shown below.

Unused levels

Every world with a Mode 7 race track level has an unused dummy map. This map appears in its place in the normal 2D-level map array. Each of these dummy maps has the same layout, with the only difference being the tileset and backgrounds used. The levels can be accessed with a glitch on the world map in certain versions of the game.

Unreferenced by any of the game's level lists is an early version of the Mode 7 race tracks. Unlike the final ones, which use a unique data format, this one has the same format as the 2D maps. There are objects placed on the top of the track, but it is unknown what they were meant to be.

The race track also contains unused sprites for Rayman driving in his shoe, similar to Rayman 4 concept art, and a pencil as a scenery background object.

Unused costumes

Early versions of the costumes can be found in the game data, inspired by concept art from Rayman 4. Neither of the unused animations have a palette. The animations below have been recolored from the original image data to match the concept art.

Unused artwork

Along with leftovers from previous Game Boy Advance games by Visual Impact Productions there exists 2 unused artworks for the game menu.

Nintendo DS version

Unused localization

Several lines of unused dialog have been found within the game files along with a mention of a hub world known as "The Road of Doors".


- Gather as many as you can. That way, at least there'll be a few they won't be able to get their hands on! I'm going to go find out how the rabbits transfer the Lums. I'll find you as soon as I have more information!
- Gnngngngn.
- The meteorite certainly has a difficult time expressing itself!
- It's not a meteorite, Globox. The world of Lebahr is our world's opposite twin and, together they make up the balance of the Universe. If one of the two worlds is out of balance with the other one, both worlds would melt into one. And it would mean the end of the Universe as we know it. It is essential that we stop that from happening, Rayman!
- No way! I'm on vacation! So, why don't you send JJ to deal with your parallel Universe problem?
- Your friend JJ is stuck in the parallel world. I was thrown out by some sort of malevolent force and I must return to restore the Universe's balance. When I find JJ I'll send him back to your world... As for you, Rayman, you must find the three other meteorites - um, I mean, three other guardians: Vanfrey, Hodmer and Fayer. And don't waste time - the future of the entire Universe is in your hands.

- Je veux acheter des pouvoir (I want to buy powers)
- Rayman, tu dois me Payer Des Lums Si tu veut que je te donne des pouvoirs (Rayman, you must Pay me Lums If you want me to give you powers)
- Combien? (How many?)
- Voila ce que je te propose (Here's what I propose)
- Je veut aller a l'ILe A (I want to go to ISland A)
- Je veut aller a l'ILe B (I want to go to ISland B)
- Je veut aller a l'ILe C (I want to go to ISland C)
- Je veut aller a l'ILe D (I want to go to ISland D)
- Rayman, tu dois me Payer Des Lums Avant (Rayman, you must Pay me Lums First)
- Combien (How many)
- 40 Lums Si tu veut que je t'emmene a l'ile A (40 Lums if you want me to bring you to island A)
- 80 Lums Si tu veut que je t'emmene a l'ile B (80 Lums if you want me to bring you to island B)
- 250 Lums Si tu veut que je t'emmene a l'ile C (250 Lums if you want me to bring you to island C)
- 100 Lums Si tu veut que je t'emmene a l'ile D (100 Lums if you want me to bring you to island D)
- Rayman, tu dois realiser L'Objectif1 (Rayman, you must achieve Objective1)
- Rayman, tu dois realiser L'Objectif2 (Rayman, you must achieve Objective2)
- Rayman, tu dois realiser L'Objectif3 (Rayman, you must achieve Objective3)
- Trouve les morceaux de robot et Equilibre (Find the robot pieces and Balance)
- Utilise RayGear pour r�cup�rer Les Monoliths (Use RayGear to get back The Monoliths)
- detruit MissBB (destroyed MissBB)
- Rayman, c'est fantastique (Rayman, this is fantastic)
- Le cristal est a moitier �quilibr� (The crystal is half balanced)
- Le cristal est blanc maintenant (The crystal is white now)
- Il te faut 40 Lums pour aller a l'ile A (You need 40 Lums to go to island A)
- Il te faut 80 Lums pour aller a l'ile B (You need 80 Lums to go to island B)
- Il te faut 250 Lums pour aller a l'ile D (You need 250 Lums to go to island C)
- Il te faut 100 Lums pour aller a l'ile C (You need 100 Lums to go to island D)
- Tu n'as pas assez de Lums Essayes d'en ramasser plus (You haven't enough Lums Try to collect more)

- Rayman, you now have to balance and whiten the crystals. You've got to find the teleporter and then bring back the cages, with the help of the guardians.
- Rayman, you now must balance and whiten the crystals by gathering enough Lums. Gather! Balance! And Whiten!
- Good job, Rayman! The crystal is half balanced. Find the second entrance to give it back its shine.
- Rayman, that's great, you managed to whiten the crystal! For as long as I've been King I have never seen it so white. Whiter than white, it's... It's wonderful! Great job!

- My vengeance is finally upon us, Rayman! I've got you!
- Do do we know each other?
- I am Miss Black Bunny!!
- Tu connais mes enfants n'est ce pas?
- Are you part of the Bugs family?
- Rhaaargh! I've got to do everything myself!
- Um, is it by eating Lums that you became huge?
- No, by collecting Lums, I un-balance the Universe, I melt the two worlds, I keep my powers and I CAN FINALLY CRUSH YOU LIKE AN ANT!!!

- You Lose, Miss Bunny!
- You may have beaten me, Rayman, but you didn't recognize me! Despite having fought me before... For I am DarkRayman!
- DarkRayman?!
- That's what I just said.
- It's over, Miss um... DarkRayman! Call back your troops! The two worlds must be re-balanced.
- What are you going to do with me, Rayman?

- Miss Bunny was none other than DarkRayman?
- Yes Globox. And her thirst for power led her to endanger the entire world, out of her insane desire for revenge.
- And you just let her go?
- She's harmless now and the world is once again at peace.
Until the next time!

Unused maps