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In a way, this creature - dressed in a vest - was supposed to serve as the game's "caretaker". That is, his role was to help the player if the latter was blocked in the game.
—VIP-zone description, RaymanZone

The Snorty was a creature which was originally intended to appear in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. It had rabbit-like ears and a boar-like nose, and was dressed in a vest made of animal hide and carying a shoulderbag. The Snorty took the role of the game's ‘caretaker’; if the player was unable to solve one of the game's puzzles, the Snorty would appear to assist Rayman. Like the Snoot and the Goaty, the Snorty was abandoned to avoid overloading the game with creatures and sending the player off on false trails.

In an unused dialogue found in the file GAMEDATABIN\Fix.lvl, the Snorty complains about being woken up:

pfffffff... it's not even possible to have a nap here!
—Snorty, GAMEDATABIN\Fix.lvl