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The Knowledge of the World is the name given to a collection of important secrets relating to the Glade of Dreams and its creation, its history and its inhabitants. The Knowledge is contained within the Heart of the World itself; when the Robo-Pirates shatter the Heart into its 1000 Yellow Lums shortly prior to the events of Rayman 2, the Knowledge becomes separated and disseminated amongst them. As Rayman collects more and more of the Yellow Lums, the secrets gradually reveal themselves to him.

As Rayman gathers the Yellow Lums and learns the secrets, he ascends through five different stages of wisdom: Naïve, Novice, Enlightened, Wise, and Omniscient. Each of the five stages is subdivided into five different levels of wisdom, with the exception of the final stage, which contains only one. This makes for a total of twenty-one levels of wisdom through which Rayman progresses, each one revealing new secrets to both him and the player.

The Knowledge of the World is omitted from both the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 versions of the game. It is also not to be found in any other games in which Rayman collects Yellow Lums, such as the Game Boy Advance versions of Rayman 3 and Rayman Raving Rabbids, likely because only the Yellow Lums in Rayman 2 are also part of the Heart of the World, while in others, they are just conglomerates of energy.

What follows is the Knowledge of the World in its entirety, as revealed to Rayman throughout the course of the game:


1–49 Yellow Lums

Yellow Lums are the 1000 fragments of the Heart of the World broken by the pirates. They contain universal knowledge. The more you gather, the more you will learn. You can access the secrets of the world by pressing F1.

50–99 Yellow Lums

First, you must know that the universe is made of energy. Everything that moves around you, everything that lives and thinks is given life by the tiny magical lights which we call... Lums.

100–159 Yellow Lums

There are 4 types of Lums. The most important ones are the Yellow Lums. There are 1000 of them. The Yellow Lums give knowledge to those who gather them and can also open doors into unknown places...

150–199 Yellow Lums

The Red Lums are full of vital energy. They can prolong your life. Pirates love them. Destroy them and you can take all the Red Lums which they have stolen for yourself.

200–249 Yellow Lums

Purple Lums assure the cohesion of the world. Without them, nothing would be solid or visible. With your magic fist, you can jump through the air and grab them one after another.


250–299 Yellow Lums

Blue Lums contain the first breath. They are the origin of all life. Each creature receives at birth his Blue Lums and keeps them until the day they die.

300–349 Yellow Lums

One day, the Lums focused themselves into thought, and their consciousness brought to life a strange and marvellous creature, Polokus. His power is such that his smallest dream or desire becomes reality.

350–399 Yellow Lums

Polokus decided to use his powers to bring people to the world. He began with the magical beings, and dreamed up the fairies. They are his emissaries. After the first 4 Lums, they made the Silver Lums which give you your special powers.

400–449 Yellow Lums

Polokus then created the Teensies. Their role is to unveil all the roads in the world. They know every secret passage and can lead you to the Hall of Doors, where all paths eventually come together.

450–499 Yellow Lums

Next, he created the simpler creatures. First came Clark. His incredible strength proved useful in carving out the landscape, to fold hills into the monotonous plains and to deviate the too-impetuous rivers.


500–549 Yellow Lums

After, came the adorable Globox and his family. Aren't they cute? The wise sages don't know what Polokus had in mind when creating them, but he truly used his sense of humour for inspiration.

550–599 Yellow Lums

Polokus finished his creative efforts by conceiving a multitude of fantastic creatures, like Murfy, the flying one-volume encyclopedia, or the horrible Eig, who spends his time getting drunk on strange brews in the depths of the Marshes.

600–649 Yellow Lums

Unfortunately, Polokus couldn't control all of his creations. His nightmares and negative thoughts gave birth to their own peculiar beasts. So, be careful not to meet up with them. And avoid any nightmares you might meet in your journeys.

650–699 Yellow Lums

After having created all the creatures who live in this world, a harder task remained: creating time. So, Polokus went to the place where all the gods of all the worlds meet, and together they set about dreaming up the future.

700–749 Yellow Lums

To be warned of any problems that might occur, Polokus sent Magic Masks to the four corners of the world. Before leaving, he explained to the fairies that reuniting all 4 Masks would be all it would take to bring him back.


750–799 Yellow Lums

Since he didn't want to be called back by just anybody, Polokus created fierce Guardians to protect the Masks, giving them all hidden weaknesses that only a true warrior could discover and use...

800–849 Yellow Lums

The period immediately following Polokus's departure was a time of wonder. The people learned to speak and love nature. A wind of freedom blew through all their souls. Everything was in harmony. Until the pirates landed...

850–899 Yellow Lums

As you know, the pirates broke the Heart of the World into pieces. They want to make us all slaves and keep all the riches to themselves. They are soulless monsters, good at only one thing: stealing our dreams that they will never share.

900–949 Yellow Lums

You must wake Polokus! Only he can help you defeat the pirates. So, unite the 4 Masks as quickly as you can, otherwise the world as we know it will be forever doomed to bathe in pain and suffering.

950–998 Yellow Lums

You have become very wise in your own way. The time has come to reveal to you a mystery for which no sage can find the answer. This mystery is you! No one knows from whence you came nor who your parents were.


999–1000 Yellow Lums

Of all the inhabitants here, you are the only one whom Polokus did not dream. You are the only one to receive powers from the fairies. Some see you as the chosen one of all the gods. Who knows...?

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