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Rayman's final encounter with Mr Dark

Fin, also known as The Lair of Dark, is the final level of English with Rayman, set in Candy Chateau. It is not to be mistaken for the Rayman Junior level Mr Dark's Lair and is the only level of either English with Rayman or Rayman Junior, not including the Betilla's Garden tutorials, to feature absolutely no educational content, instead playing like a regular Rayman level. There are no helper characters in this level.

Part 1

Rayman must make his way across the level while avoiding various enemies such as clowns and antitoons. Careful jumping is required as there are a large abundance of lemonade pools and prickly balls. Mr Dark casts various spells on him, first reversing the controls, then forcing him to run non-stop, and finally summoning Bad Rayman. At the end of the level, Mr Dark can be found waiting for him by the exit sign. He immediately disappears when Rayman attempts to approach him. Winning the level will take the player to the ending cut-scene.