Treetop Adventure

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Treetop Adventure
Treetop Adventure
Melodic Maracas Tough Climb

Treetop Adventure is the ninth of the 24 new levels in Rayman Designer, and the first one located in the Mountain world.


This level has Rayman progressively making his way upwards while backtracking to collect remaining blue tings, that had been blocked by columns and a bridge. The columns can be destroyed through activating scattered killdoors, and the bridge through collecting the green tings. In addition to the green tings, the red and gold tings also appear in this level. Rayman has all of his powers in this level.

Graphical glitch

Although rare, this level can show a minor graphical error.



There is a spider located at the beginning of the level. This enemy did not appear in the Blue Mountains in the original Rayman game. They only made an appearance in the Caves of Skops.

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