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Howdy, stranger!

One of my favourite artworks that Ubisoft has ever made of the series: a render based in the famous French Romantist painting from Théodore Géricault, completely "Raymanized".


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An unexpected discovery I did in a visit to Marseille. A retro gaming shop was exposing this board containing many Rayman 2 art parodies, some of them unknown by the fans until the date!
  • Name: Haruka (Haruka Tavares in some places)
  • Gender: FemaleIcon.png
  • Planet Earth residence: The once called the Occidental Lusitanian strand
  • Maternal language: The same language as Luís de Camões spoke!
  • Foreigner languages: English (My main foreign language), Spanish (Mostly by speaking than writing), French (Words. Can't keep up with a conversatation.).
  • Hobbies and Interests: Gaming, Arts and Technology

How has this interest for the Rayman franchise started?

I was in the house of an ex-neighbour which had a PlayStation One system with a couple of games. When I went to the living room I saw him playing a game with a very cartoony, colourful, happy and animated jungle landscape. I was marvelled to the amount of detail of everything in the screen. When I look to the left I see a character with a unique attribute, something that I've never seen before: no arms, no legs and no neck. I asked if I could play, and despite of his hesitation he let me. I found the character's attack quite fun and how the enemies died. I managed to beat a giant purple mosquito and to reach the first musical level. I took no time to notice that I was hooked! I tried out the sequel's DEMO in the same day that came in a PlayStation Magazine disk that the ex-neighbour used to have too. I became a Rayman fan from that day on. And that's my story!

Raymanish Data

  • Rayman fan since...: Summer of 1999/Early 2000 (?)
  • Player status: Veteran
  • First game to have played and when: Rayman (PlayStation version) : Summer of 2000
  • First game to have acquired/bought and when: Rayman M (PC version) : Around December of 2001 and the first months of 2002
  • Latest (up to date) game to have acquired/bought and when: Rayman Legends (Vita version) ; October 2019.
  • Current status in RayWiki: Casual contributor

Trivia (Nothing interesting to read here)

The best screensaver in the entire franchise. Bring these kind of goodies back!
  • I presented a school work about Rayman's game series in an English class of 11th grade and I got a mark of 18/20 values (90%).
  • As of February 2014, I am in the top 40 of the best Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc players in the world, and in the top 30 of the best players of the same game in the PC version.
  • I was one of the 6 winners in Europe (Outside of United Kingdom and France) of the official Ubisoft's Rayman Origins Art Contest, in which offered to the runner-ups a Gift Basket, containing a Collector's Edition and Normal copies of Rayman Origins, stickers, posters, t-shirts and a canvas.
  • For a long period of time since the game launched, I was in top 10 of the best Rayman 3 HD players in the world in the leaderboards of PlayStation 3.
  • At the release date of the Rayman Legends Challenges App for the Wii U, I was ranked in the 78th place.
  • I was one of the 10 winners in the worldwide contest of "UPlay Fan Art Contest" of 2014. I got in the 9th place, and I got a 10€ digital coupon to spend in the online shop of UPlay as a prize.
  • My commemorative drawing of Rayman's 20th anniversary got featured in the official facebook and Twitter pages of the franchise.
  • I pledged to Rémi Gazel's "Rayman by Rémi: The Collector's Soundtrack" Kickstarter campaign despite of the project being cancelled afterwards.
  • Since I created this type of User page structure, most of RayWiki members have been using it too to talk about themselves. You're welcome!

List of Rayman games I own

  • Rayman [ Gbc.gif ] United Kingdom(Great Britain).png (Collector book's edition)
  • Rayman [PSOne Classic - PSP/PS3/Vita]

List of Rayman products I have

  • Rayman Legends T-Shirt depicting a cute version of Rayman and the Sea Dragon
  • Very limited edition of Rayman's 20th Anniversary T-Shirt
  • Blue Game Boy Color Magnifier of Rayman

List of Rabbid products I have

  • 18cm plushie of a screaming Rabbid (French edition "The Lapins Crétins")
  • Small bear-disguised screaming Rabbid plush
  • Small Gladiator (?) PVC figure of a Rabbid
  • Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle's Rabbid Mario Small Figurine
  • Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle's Rabbid Luigi Small Figurine
  • Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle's Rabbid Peach Small Figurine
  • Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle's Rabbid Yoshi Small Figurine
  • Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle's Rabbid Mario Large Figurine
  • Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle's Rabbid Luigi Large Figurine
  • Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle's Rabbid Peach Large Figurine
  • Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle's Rabbid Yoshi Large Figurine

Random stuff related with Rayman and the Rabbids

  • Maxiconsolas Magazine (Nº128 from July 2011) [Very very short article of Rayman Origins in the E3 2011 pages]
  • Exame Informática Magazine (Nº207 from September 2012) [Preview of Rayman Legends]
  • Jeux Vidéo Magazine (12th May 2011 Issue) [ Rayman Origins as a cover theme ]
  • Handmade Rayman hoodie with his symbol
  • Insert Coin's Rayman T-Shirt with his symbol
  • Pix N Love's Issue Nº13

Wishlist/Products that I'm looking for

  • Rayman 1 [ Ps1.gif ] (Original Japanese edition with box and manual)
  • Rayman 1 [ AtariJaguar.png ] (Preferentially UK or FR edition but that owns box and manuals)
  • Rayman 1 [ Saturn.png ] (Original Japanese edition with box and manual)
  • Rayman Junior [ Ps1.gif ] (Original UK edition with box and manual, the Level isn't important)
  • Rayman [ Gbc.gif ] (Original Japanese edition with box and manual)

  • Rayman M [ PC.png ] (Original UK edition with box and manuals / R3 Beta demo promo UK)

  • Rayman's 20th Anniversary Coin
  • Small version of Rayman and Walking Shell plush
  • Quick Le Menew's Rayman 3 Mushroom toy

  • Other relevant Rayman merchandising products that do catch up my interest.