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The Grammar Teensie (AKA Floofers)
Good child.jpg
Alignment Neutral (?)

Appears in More sites than she can count on her fingers
Location Sitting on a pile of worthless golden trophies, wanting more
Portrayed by An edgy tween

Sex Female
Species Teensie
Status Proofreader

Relatives your mom lol

Unlock criteria Decent spelling
“I do things, sometimes.”
—Floofers, describing her activity schedule


hello. contrary to my wiki name most would people would say i generally don’t type with very good grammar. however, looks can be deceiving! i didn’t fly through EBRW practice as an baby eejit for nothing >:(((

i’ve contributed to the wiki in a multitude of useful ways, such as

  • correcting someone’s wording choice for an image that was literally posted a few days prior
  • moaning about an error concerning an irrelevant spinoff and refusing to fix it myself
  • making jabs at the previous editors over an inconsistency involving teensie gender that should’ve just been ignored like any person with a shred of decency would do
  • existing

i used to be a certified Magician Fangirl™, hence the oodles of trashy kidfic i made over the years that lead to the entire existence of at least 5 different FCs (some of whom are now very thankfully obsolete)

if you’re masochistic enough to want to read some of said fic please do PM me on my RPC account as i’ll be more than happy to take you on a voyage into my 8-11 year old self’s enigmatic psyche